Calling All Beauty-Gurus: Forever 21 is Your K-Beauty Jackpot


One of the most viral beauty trends of 2016 and 2017 has been South Korean skincare products, commonly referred to as K-beauty. In Korea, skincare goes deeper than just products—essentially treated as a cultural element that, for a long time, remained unmatched anywhere else in the world.

With its rise in popularity, K-beauty has become wildly popular in the states, and now you can buy it at your favorite retailer: Forever 21. Here are my product picks to get you glowin’ on a budget—

Skin Factory Night Solution, $3

Skin Factory Night Solution As fall hits, the crisp air can do serious damage to your skin— season-to-season transitions are always a wacky time for this reason. One solution to combatting this issue before it’s too prevalent is Skin Factory’s Night Solution. This two-step product is great for restoring your skin’s moisture and elasticity. The first step is a cleansing and exfoliating pad to remove makeup and other impurities, then you apply a moisturizing serum. I found the serum to be thick in a good way, and did not cause any breakouts or irritation to my sensitive skin (yay!).

Secret Key Perfect Zero Melting Cleanser, $24

Secret Key Perfect Zero Melting Cleanser

I’m all for an effective, easy way to remove makeup at the end of the day. This cleanser feels like a light lotion, and I loved it. It melted away even the heaviest of makeup, and the process was so easy. Simply massage the cream on to your face and rinse when your makeup is dissolved. Your face will be left feeling silky-smooth, moisturized, and clean!

W.Lab Milk Bubble Body Scrub, $23

W.Lab Milk Bubble Body Scrub K-beauty

As I mentioned, the transition from summer to fall can leave skin needing a little more TLC than usual. Exfoliation should be an essential step in your shower routine (at least once a week), and this body scrub is perfect for sloughing off dry skin. I used this before applying self-tanner, and the tanning lotion went on flawlessly and evenly. The exfoliating beads in this scrub are walnut shell powder and Picea powder which prove to be gentle yet effective.

W.Lab Silk Remedy Hair Pack, $19

W.Lab Silk Remedy Hair Pack K-Beauty

If you have color-treated or just naturally dry hair, hair masks are your best friend. This product contains super seeds and silk proteins that make your hair feel like a million bucks— even the driest of split ends will be revived. Apply the serum to your hair after your normal shampooing routine, cover with a shower cap for a bit, and rinse.

Berrisome Oops My Lip Tint Pack, $6

Berrisome Oops My Lip Tint K-Beauty

Every lip color-lover knows the struggle of having to constantly reapply your lip wear throughout the day. Rest assured that that will not be the case with Berrisome’s lip tint. This product goes on like a lip mask and stays like a lip stain— and the intense color could be perfect for an upcoming Halloween costume that will last all night long!