GG Chapel – Tales of a Broken Heart: EP Review

Netherlands-based R&B artist GG Chapel just released her debut EP “Tales of a Broken Heart.” Wrought with emotion, this record surely resonates with each individual who comes upon it.

About The Artist & EP

GG Chapel calls the Netherlands home. She mainly identifies with R&B, future, trap, and hip-hop.

The most notable aspect of her music is that she writes, produces, and records it all herself. Such dedication I find especially admirable in the day-and-age we live in of music production utterly independent of any skill or emotion.

Chapel states that “Tales of a Broken Heart” documents her “depression and suicidal thoughts carried by a combination of R&B, trap and future vibes.”

Tales of a Broken Heart: The Review

Knowing the background of this EP didn’t completely influence how I received it. Each track allows the listener to write their own story to the lyrics GG Chapel lays out.

The lyrics encapsulate the dark components of the human mind. However the ambience set by the R&B and trap melodies really give each track a unique meaning. To me, this album represents the recognition and simultaneous addiction to depression or darkness that we all face. It illustrates the unique seduction behind sorrow.

“Tell Tale Heart,” particularly takes the listener through this idea. The verses emphasize the desolate feelings behind despondency while the electronic-drop of the chorus embodies the relentless allegiance felt towards those same feelings that bring us down.

But who’s to say, oh boy, you’re not the one I need.

But I’m only fooling myself ‘cus I know you’re bad for me.

At face-value this EP can appeal to just about anyone. Whether you’re looking for music to accompany a break-up or tough time, or if you just want a chill and groovy background to your daily life, everyone can find something in “Tell Tale Heart.”

I’m excited to see where GG Chapels work-ethic brings her and eager to hear what she produces next.

“Tell Tale Heart” is currently available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, and Deezer. You can find GG Chapel on Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud.