Gigi Hadid May Face Legal Issues After Instagram Post

A certain Paparazzo isn't too happy

News recently broke that Gigi Hadid may be facing legal troubles for posting a photo to Instagram taken by the paparazzi and not giving credit to the specific photographer. Instead of focusing solely on herself, Gigi broadened the discussion and brought light to an under-reported subject.

Her explanatory post on Instagram garnered the support of Khloe Kardashian and Coco Rocha. Khloe admitted she had been sued for thousands of dollars after also being in a similar situation as Gigi. All three women expressed the same sentiment- paparazzi are making money off stalking them.

It’s easy to sit back and dismiss their comments as first world problems. They all knew what they were getting into right? While that is the case, celebrities are humans too and for some reason we forget that.

Countless stories about accidents caused by the paparazzi’s intense behavior constantly circulates the news cycle. It was in a chase with a photographer, and dangerous driving, that caused the car accident ending Princess Diana’s life.

I wholeheartedly believe in giving credit when posting someone else’s work on any platform. We all work hard to create something we’re proud of. But when these celebrities are dealing with an upwards of 10 or more paparazzi, how can we expect her to credit the correct one?

Image courtesy of W Magazine

It all comes down to the art. These photographers are paid to ‘get the shot’ no matter what. It’s as if their code of conduct reads just that, disregarding the health of anyone near them.

Celebrities are nothing but meal tickets in this realm.

The biggest stars get hassled the most and while they grow used to it after repeat exposure, it has to weigh on them.

Why shouldn’t any celebrity be able to post a photo someone else took of them? Unless these paparazzi are going to take a photo and hand the celebrity their business card or stop to tell them their name, there isn’t anything else that can be done.

In most cases, the paparazzi are already paid for the photos they have taken. They are then suing celebrities and even Instagram fan accounts who are reposting them without credit.

I can’t deny that I that like to look at photos of celebrities- both the ones they take and the ones taken by paparazzi. Maybe that constant demand we create is the problem. If we stopped looking at those photos, would that in any way change how the paparazzi industry works?

While Gigi may be facing legal actions in the coming months, I think what she did was important. We have to consider the health of celebrities and the risks they may face as a result of this obsessive job role we created. Celebrities are more than just a paycheck- they are real people too. They’ve made mistakes and will continue to do so just like us. Let’s cut them some slack and support them.

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