Halloween Makeup Series: Get Your Giraffe On!

So, we know animal makeup is the hot trend in costumes this October, but this Giraffe Halloween makeup is OUT OF CONTROL. While attempting this look is definitely not for the  makeup feign of heart, this video is addicting to watch. Seriously though, the spots alone are works of art. Plus, if you have a steady hand and an eye for shading, this costume is pretty much complete after the makeup. A tank top and Scary Spice style pigtail buns are all you need to complete the look!

Giraffe Halloween Makeup Tutorial

What you’ll need:
Brown or gold eye shadow palette
Light cream foundation
Dark brown and copper brow pencils
Fake eyelashes
Optional accessory leaves

Giraffe Halloween makeup, step 1
1. Cover your lids with matte white eye shadow. Create a smokey eye look using a brown or gold palette. Pencil in your brows to make them stronger and slightly thicker.
Giraffe Halloween makeup, step 2
2. Paint your face and neck with a light cream foundation.
Giraffe Halloween makeup, step 3
3. Contour your forehead, cheek bones, and collarbone with brown shadow. Add gold or copper highlights where you want to add a pop of shimmer. Draw giraffe spots along your forehead (peaking at the top of your nose) and down one side of your neck. The center of each spot should be lighter than the outside, use your brown and copper brow pencils here to shade in. The spots should get larger as they taper down you neck.
Giraffe Halloween makeup, step 4
4. Add fake eyelashes and pencil your lips, the top lip dark brown and the bottom copper or gold.
Giraffe Halloween makeup, step 5
5. Accessorize with leaves or other foliage.

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