Halloween Makeup Series: Harley Quinn of ‘Suicide Squad’

harley quinn

The hot trend in Halloween makeup this year is definitely the sassy Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. With the help of a professional makeup artist, I put this tutorial together on how to nail the look. We decided to do it in the style of famous pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, which gives you that authentic comic book feel. Check out the video and then scroll down for step by step directions:

Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup

What you’ll need:
Face paint – red, blue, white and black
2 pony holders

1. Create a dramatic, thick winged outline around your eye in red. Add a teardrop under your eye to give it Harley’s classic smudged look.
2. Do the same with your other eye but in blue.
2. Do the same with your other eye but in blue and add red  to your lips.
3. Add white dots over your face and down your neck in a triangle pattern that outlines your collar bone.
4. Outline all your features in black. Your brows should be thick with sharp corners. Your cheeks, collar bone, neck, lips and nose should all be bolded with tapered lines. Don’t forget to add the widow’s peak at the top of your forehead and a heart on your cheek!
Harley Quinn Halloween Makeup
5. Tease out your pigtails and you’re ready to go!

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