We’re All About the Holiday Pampering with Bubble Bath Bombs!

Bath bomb box

With autumn slowly leaving us and winter creeping in, there are so many yummy items to enjoy and pamper yourself. After a long week of school, studying or shopping (all three?) who doesn’t want to relax with a soothing bubble bath bomb, or indulge in a delicious scented shower gel? LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetic is famous for its bath and shower products. Good news is you can  buy online or in-store! I’m here to help you find the best LUSH products to get you in the holiday spirit.

The Classic Bath Bomb

Bath bombs are spheres that you can toss in your tub to create a fizzy, aromatic, and sometimes colorful bath. Here are my recommendations:Autumn Leaf, bath bombAutumn Leaf – This colorful bath bomb is perfect for fall-lovers who want to enjoy every last bit of the season! This bath bomb creates the illusion of the leaves changing colors (and if you live in Phoenix, Arizona like I do, this will be the only time you can see it!), and it really captures the beauty of nature. It smells like sandalwood and trees. It is vegan and contains neroli oil, which has mood-boosting properties.Lord of Misrule bath bombLord of Misrule – This winter bath bomb is the perfect transition to the crisp season. Lord of Misrule begins with a deep green color, and then reveals itself to a deep red color. It isn’t complete without popping candy! The smell, which is a spicy and herbal blend of black pepper oil, isn’t for everybody. It is also vegan. This bath bomb is part of the limited edition holiday collection, so get it while you can!So White bath bombSo White – This holiday bath bomb is great for relaxation from gift-shopping or crazy family dinners. While So White may look plain in terms of color, it has a little secret: a green center! The beautiful white froth will make you feel like snow is in your bathtub (except your fingers won’t be frozen and you won’t be shivering). It has a delicious crisp apple scent that will please anybody’s sense of smell. This bath bomb is also vegan, and it is also part of the limited edition holiday collection.

Or What About a Bubble Bar?

Bubble bars are just like bath bombs in the way that you can drop them in your bathtub for a more enjoyable experience. The only difference between the two is that bubble bars don’t fizz and dissolve on their own; you break them under your running water for a crazy amount of frothy bubbles. These bubbles also contain lotion so they are unbelievably soft on your skin. Here are my recommendations:
Big Bang bubble barBig Bang – This bubble bar makes a big splash in the bathtub! Its bright lemon scent is perfect for waking your body up. It is extremely colorful once crumbled, turning the bath water bright blue and pink. It is also vegan.
Rose Jam bath bar
Rose Jam – This delicate bubble bar may be small, but that does not make it insignificant! It has a beautiful rose scent, just like a fresh bouquet of flowers. It is soothing for dry skin that often comes with winter weather. This bubble bar is vegan.
Karma Bath bar
Karma – This bubble bar, much like the Lord of Misrule bath bomb, isn’t for everybody. Everybody wants to be on Santa’s nice list. However, Karma’s spicy patchouli and pine fragrance will help you embrace your naughty side a bit. It is hard to describe this scent, but it is one that you need to experience! It is also vegan.

And Then There are Shower Jellies

Shower jellies are shower gels is the fun, jiggly form of Jell-O. They last for a very long time, and they make showering just a bit more fun. There’s no shame in playing with a shower jelly in the shower! Here are my recommendations:93,000 Miles shower jelly93,000 Miles – This shower jelly looks and smells absolutely delicious. It is a bright cherry red color to get you in the Christmas spirit, and it smells like spicy cinnamon and eucalyptus. It’s very soothing for sore muscles and it’s extremely refreshing. It is also vegan.

Whoosh shower jellyWhoosh – This shower jelly is perfect for finals, because it energizes and empowers you. Its bright blue color is matched by its fruity citrus scent. This is unfortunately the only shower jelly mentioned that is not vegan.Needles and Pines shower jellyNeedles and Pines – Have you ever wanted the scent of a Christmas tree in a shower jelly? Well, lucky for you, the Needles and Pines shower jelly smells like pine and cypress leaves. Its bright green color will get you in the Christmas spirit. This shower jelly is vegan.