How to Accessorize this Semester

Everyone wants to look good, and everyone has a unique style that’s just for them. But if you’re looking to accessorize this semester with some of the most popular trends, you’re in the right place.

You’ve already seen our best summer 2018 fashion trends, but here’s how to get ready for spring by accessorizing with a few new trends.

Disclaimer: Fashion is cyclical. Most of the trends you’ll see today are clothes and accessories you could find in your mother’s closet. And just because they’re “in” doesn’t mean they look good. Nonetheless, they’re back, and we have to deal with the consequences.

So let’s get started!

Jean Jackets

Jean jackets are in this year, being the perfect ’90s throwback statement jacket. They’re easy to throw on to complete an outfit, and go with almost anything. Cropped jean jackets can also accentuate your natural waist, and look good on skirts.  Putting iron on patches on your jean jacket is also a great way to personalize it. Shop This.

Ankle Boots 

how to accesorize this semester

Ankle boots are a great way to get through the snowy weather while looking stylish. Coming in all shapes and sizes, these shoes are perfect for anyone because they are so versatile. They’re usually comfortable, even with the slight heel, and look great in a Capri pant, under an old pair of jeans, and with our next fashion trend of the semester: big belts. Shop This.

Big Belts

how to accesorize this semester

This is one of the most popular trends, filling Instagram feeds with pictures of ridiculously thin women sporting Gucci belts. But anyone can rock this look with whatever brand you choose. The bigger belt is a great way to emphasize your natural waist and rock that tucked in shirt look, just don’t forget to match the color of the belt with your shoes. Shop This.

Oversized Sweaters

how to accesorize this semester

A great way to stay warm in the winter, oversized sweaters are cute and cuddly. They complement any old pair of jeans and are basically the slightly more socially acceptable equivalent of wearing a blanket in public. So if you want to look adorable while feeling like you never left your bed, this is the look for you. Shop This.

Statement Earrings 

how to accesorize this semester

Statement earrings are an easy way to take an outfit without a lot of color or excitement and brighten it up. By wearing big statement earrings, you can make it look like you put thought into your wardrobe, when maybe really you got dressed five minutes ago and barely made it to class. Tassels and different colors are always a plus. Shop This.

Platform Sneakers

how to accesorize this semester

Platform sneakers make you look taller without having to go through the painful and usually much regretted experience of wearing heels. I’ve seen platform sneakers from your standard converse, to big white nurse shoes, to shoes covered in rainbow sparkles. These shoes are definitely back, and as far as I can tell, not going anywhere. But no matter the color or the style, these shoes will always have one killer advantage: They’re so much more comfortable than heels. Shop This. 

Cheetah Print

how to accesorize this semester

This trend is also back, and though I can’t personally pull it off (or would want to), it’s a great way to take an outfit and make it a statement. Cheetah print shoes, scrunchies, and coats have all started to come back into season. When used sparingly, this print can really pull an outfit together. Shop This.

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