I Bought Colored Contacts Just To Try Them Out

colored contacts

A new trend has appeared on Instagram beauty blogs.

I’m used to scrolling through make-up videos for hours, amazed by the art beauty bloggers create. Recently, an accessory to many of these beauty looks caught my eye: colored contacts.

For me, I tend to associate colored contacts with spooky Halloween looks. From stark whites to scary cat eyes, they’re the perfect addition to make any Halloween costume seem a bit more realistic.

They’re often used in cosplay and costumes. I never thought about their use in everyday life.

But as I’ve looked into them, I’ve found that they’re a lot more common than people think. There are a number of people with long-lasting colored contacts that they use on a day-to-day basis. This new trend has also brought them to light as bloggers easily adjust their appearance. Instagram videos of eyes changing from dark brown to light gray in an instant fill my suggested feed.

Even celebrities have caught on. Jennifer Anniston, Paris Hilton, and many others have gone out in public wearing colored contacts.

colored contacts
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With colored contacts, changing your eye color has become as easy as changing your hair.

Eye color has always been a defining feature. Often, when describing a character in a book or a person who you know, you bring up their eye color. But as society progresses and new inventions can change how we look, it’s quickly become another transformable part of ourselves.

Although it’s difficult to permanently change your eye color, colored contacts give you a temporary change that works. Like most people, I’ve always wondered what I might look like if something minor about my appearance was different. My curiosity brought me here – to trying out colored contacts for myself.

As its nearly Halloween, I thought it would be a good idea to buy some lenses that I could wear for the festivities, but also beyond them if I wanted to.

My first step was to find a trustworthy seller to get my lenses at. I’m not physically located near a shop that sells such items, so I scoured the Internet before coming upon a decent looking website. For anyone else interested in following in my footsteps – make sure you find an online seller that genuinely has good reviews, even if it’s more pricey. It’s better to spend a couple extra dollars and get contact lenses that actually work than to be scammed out of your money.

Waiting was the hard part. My excitement was difficult to contain. I’d been living with brown eyes for years. Snapchat filters and photo editing apps never genuinely captured what a change in eye color would look like on me. I couldn’t help the curiosity that drove me.


Finally, they came in. After spending a couple minutes tearing through packaging and carefully placing them in my eye, I was able to get them on.

I have very dark eyes, and I hadn’t really prepared for the fact that my brown eyes may impede the color I’d bought. This will likely be true for other people who try out colored contacts, especially if you’re not buying from a high-end brand. I hadn’t expected them to work perfectly, and I was still somewhat surprised by my eye color when I looked in the mirror. While it wasn’t the exact gray I’d been promised, my eyes were a much lighter color than before. It was a shock to see.

One downside was how they can be uncomfortable. It definitely depends on who you are and whether or not you’re a regular contact lens user. I’ve never bothered with using contacts, so the feeling of having something in my eye was slightly discomforting. Still, it wasn’t bad enough that I felt like taking them out immediately, and I got used to after a couple minutes.

It’s not probable that I’ll be wearing colored contacts on a daily basis. I know of some people who do try them out for that purpose. If you’re interested, I’d recommend going for a credible brand. You could also talk to your eye doctor about the possibilities, since they’ll have better knowledge on which colored contact brands work best.

Even though they didn’t change my lifestyle, I’m excited to wear them occasionally. Whether it be for fun, or when I’m experimenting with my own makeup looks, I’m glad I at least have them in my drawer as a possibility. If you’re curious about a small change such as this, there’s really no harm in trying it! Whether it’s getting highlights or buying green colored contacts, these small changes to your appearance can be fashionable and revitalizing.

Photo by Max Muselmann on Unsplash