Everything You Need to Know About Jeffree Star’s Summer Chrome Collection

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Hello, fellow makeup lovers! Summertime has officially rolled around, which means that your favorite cosmetics companies are beginning to release their summer collections. Of course, Jeffree Star wasn’t going to be left out of that! The Jeffree Star Cosmetics chrome collection launched June 24th on his official website, and I’m here to give you the full scoop on the collection!

The chrome-and-pink-packaged collection will be sold individually, in a Velour Lipstick bundle, and in an all-new Lipstick Vault that contains all the Velour Liquid Lipsticks and Lip Ammunition Lipsticks. So get your wallet and your swatching arm ready, and let’s dive into the products!

Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Jeffree’s Velour Liquid Lipstick formula is a matte, pigmented, liquid formula that dries down on your lips and guarantees long-lasting results. I wear one of these lipsticks every day and I promise you, they survive eating and drinking extremely well, and they can usually last almost the entire day without having to reapply. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is releasing 8 brand new liquid lipsticks; 6 that are matte and 2 that are metallic. Let’s get to the fun summer shades!

jeffree star liquid lip

Butt Naked
This shade is the lightest of the collection. It’s a peachy color with a pink undertone that would be absolutely gorgeous on medium and dark skin tones.

This shade is the second lightest out of the Velour Liquid Lipsticks. It’s a peach color with brown undertones that, again, would look stunning on medium and dark skin tones, although anyone can pull off this neutral shade.

The color I’m most excited about! Calabasas is a beautiful pink color that is flattering for all skin tones. This is a nice upgrade from a basic nude, but it’s still subtle enough to wear out every day. It’s named after Jeffree’s current residence in Calabasas, California. I will definitely be purchasing this shade from the collection.

Family Jewels
Family Jewels is the next color in the chrome collection. It’s darker than Calabasas and it’s a beautiful deep brownish nude. It has subtle pink undertones, but it’s still a very wearable color.

Venus Flytrap
And here’s where the crazy shades begin! Venus Flytrap is a pale green color that is obviously a very daring choice. I personally will not be rocking this shade anytime soon but if you want to turn heads, this color is the way to go!

You. Better. Work.
This color is less bizarre than Venus Flytrap but still bolder than your average nude. Purple lipstick is definitely “in” this year and this formula is a great way to experiment with it since it’ll stay on instead of smearing everywhere. You. Better. Work. is a bright royal purple that would look beautiful on all skin tones.

This shade is one of the two metallic shades in the collection. I’m sure you’ve seen the infamous trend pop up from makeup companies everywhere. Candyass is a pink shade that has tons of pearls and sparkle in it. It’s very reflective and basically looks like mirrors are on your lips.

Flamboyant is the second metallic shade in the summer chrome line. While it is less reflective than Candyass, it still contains shimmer that is sure to catch someone’s eye. It is a peachy coral color that’s perfect for a picnic or a day at the beach.

Lip Ammunition

Jeffree’s Lip Ammunition formula is a creamy lipstick finish that’s supposed to be comfortable and long-lasting on your lips. It doesn’t dry down matte, so be careful – it’s not food-proof or kiss-proof! Jeffree Star Cosmetics is releasing 5 brand new Lip Ammunition shades for the summer.

jeffree star lip ammunition

Birkin Suede
Birkin Suede is the lightest Lip Ammunition in the JSC Chrome Summer 2017 Collection. It’s a tan nude with light brown undertones. This is a very subtle shade to wear all summer long.

Skin Tight
This is the second lightest cream lipstick that will be available. Skin Tight is a very light ballerina pink that would look very pretty on medium and dark skin tones.

Birthday Suit
Birthday Suit can be described as a dusty rose shade. It’s an absolutely beautiful shade that will most likely be a “my lips but better” color for many people.

Star Witness
This shade is a bright coral shade with red and orange undertones, but it’s less drastic because the pigment in the formula is less intense. It reminds me of watermelon which is perfect for summer!

Thick As Thieves
This is the darkest Lip Ammunition that will be sold with this packaging. It can be described as a deep copper shade with pink and orange undertones. Thick As Thieves looks different on every skin tone and it’s very versatile!

Skin Frosts

Jeffree Star’s Skin Frosts are the highlighters in his brand. They have intense pigment and are buildable for a full coverage glow! JSC is releasing 2 new Skin Frost shades… if you really want to blind this season, you need to pick up one or both of these highlighters!

jeffree starSummer Snowcone
Yes, this is a yellow highlighter! It is definitely not for the faint of heart, but for those of you who want to be tanned and bronze like a god or goddess, this is definitely a fun shade for your collection.

jeffree star

Crystal Ball
This shade looks similar to Jeffree’s other Skin Frost, Ice Cold, but do not be deceived! This highlighter has a little bit of a secret–it has reflective pink and purple tints in it! It looks absolutely gorgeous on all skin tones as well. This is a unique color that highlighter junkies should definitely try.

Velour Lip Scrubs

There will be 3 brand new lip scrubs released with the summer collection as well. Lip scrubs are sugar scrubs that you can use on your lips before applying any product. They remove dry skin and make your lips smooth and lipstick-ready! Jeffree is famous for his other yummy flavors like Spearmint, Mojito, and Root Beer, but just wait for these delicious new additions!

jeffree starr

Watermelon Gum
This flavor is a subtle nod to Jeffree’s iconic lip scrub, Strawberry Gum. It’s the most sold lip scrub in his collection, so he decided to bring it back with a picnic-ready twist! Last year’s summer collection smelled like watermelon Jolly Ranchers, and it was such a fruity scent, so hopefully this lip scrub will deliver once again!

Blue Raspberry Sucker
Reminiscing about the blue raspberry lollipops he ate in his childhood, Jeffree Star created this brand new lip scrub flavor. It is in fact a bright blue color, just as you would expect!

Orange Soda
Orange Soda is the final lip scrub in the chrome collection. It smells like the classic orange soda many remember drinking throughout their childhood. You definitely want to snatch this one up before it sells out!

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