Let These Books Spice Up Your Summer!

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As new seasons roll around, they bring with them new books and new opportunities. The Spring and Summer book releases are particularly sweet because school is out and you’re blessed with some new found freedom. Soak up the rays and new worlds with these book picks!

Yes She Can


Yes She Can outlines ten stories of female staffers under the Obama administration. I have yet to dive into this book but the reviews alone are enough to pick up a copy. Not to mention when one of the boss babes we follow on Metiza’s Instagram page shared it, you know you have to get it. Go give her some love as well by following her on Instagram! This book is filled with go-getters, motivation, and a lot of inspiration. Perfect for days you need motivation or feel a little down.

More Than Enough

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I’ve dropped many covers throughout my magazine career but NOTHING compares to the feeling of sharing the first glimpse of MY BOOK COVER with you guys. To add to the explosion of emotions: one of my personal (s)heroes—Queen @ava—is writing the foreword. There really are no words that can do it justice so I’ll just say this: We all learn lessons the hard way, but there is nothing like the satisfaction of fighting for what you believe in, overcoming the odds, pushing through fear by faith, and coming out on the other side with your head held high. That’s the spirit behind this book. And that’s the spirit I’m going to carry through the next 4 months and 15 days until it is out in the world. Until then, FAM the #MoreThanEnough pre-order link is officially on and poppin’! I can’t wait to share this with you!! *** Thank you to my next-level team @vikingbooks who made this possible, and all my closest friends who I harassed on group text chains to weigh in on every detail of this cover. I love you so much!

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This won’t be out until June 11th but I cannot express how excited I am to get my hands on it. I’ve admired Elaine Welteroth as a journalist and all around boss babe for a while now. She’s one of the few real, inclusive voices we have on Instagram breaking down the perfect illusion consistently promoted on social media. Not to mention all the hard work she put into turning Teen Vogue into the progressive media outlet for young women it is today.

The Dinner List


I wrote about this on my personal blog but if I can sing this book’s praises for the rest of my life, I will. Rebecca Serle’s writing is dreamy, relatable, and just plain amazing. Her book follows Sabrina as she’s detailing her turbulent relationship and learning to let go of the past. Did I mention Audrey Hepburn is in it? Not sure what else you need to motivate you to buy this.

No Exit


If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll know I’ve recommended this before. If you’re not, you’re really missing out and should totally sign up. The characters in this book were so well crafted and thought out, especially the female ones. If you’re looking for a good thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat that features some badass female leads, then this is the book for you

We could all benefit from some inspiration and brain breaks. I hope that’s what these books bring you! Check out our Must Reads on Amazon here. 

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