LUSH Cosmetics: A Leader Of Social Change?!

lush cosmetics

The beloved cosmetic company LUSH Cosmetics is dedicated to hand making incredible products with fresh, ethically acquired, and vegetarian products. With products and values like these, it’s no wonder we’ve all seen LUSH face masks, bath bombs, lip scrubs, and more all over social media.

However, I recently learned that not only does this company create amazing products, it also hosts a variety of national campaigns to create change across America and the world.

After walking into my local LUSH store a couple weeks ago, I was approached by an employee who gave me the run down of their most recent campaign. She told me that the company was campaigning against the death penalty and was promoting it with the hashtag #HaltAllExecutions. After grabbing a sticker for my laptop and listening to the employee, I decided to dig a little deeper into what LUSH was doing.

Lush cosmetics
My death does not equal justice sticker adorned with #HaltAllExecutions

For this specific campaign, I found that in stores and online they provided a petition to end the practice, which, if you’re interested, you can sign here. In the petition, the company addresses legislators including Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and Mitch McConnell. LUSH begins by stating that “the death penalty is an archaic practice that does not improve public safety,” and continues to say that humans are capable of change, and instead of promoting the death penalty, we must address the root causes of crime.

lush cosmetics
The almond-scented 31 States Bath Bomb Photo courtesy of

They were also selling a limited edition bath bomb named “31 States” after the 31 states where the death penalty is still legal. (It’s still available online for $6.95!)

All of the bath bomb’s proceeds are going to organizations like the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty. On the LUSH website it says that this group’s mission is to both mobilize and engage the millions of Americans who believe it’s time to move our country forward and abolish capital punishment. After seeing everything LUSH was doing against the death penalty, I was left feeling inspired by seeing such a large company take such a grand political stand against something. And, as I found, this isn’t the first (or last!) time they’ve done this.

In 2011, LUSH paired up with Shark Savers, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to work towards the protection of sharks. Similar to the #HaltAllExecutions campaign, there was both a petition and a product to promote their cause. LUSH asked its customers to take a pledge to “not eat shark fin soup and to put pressure on local Government to enforce a ban on the shark fin trade,” as well as sign their petition to ban the shark fin trade.

lush cosmetics
Vegan, Sea Salt and Seaweed-scented Shark Fin Soap $5.95 Photo courtesy of

To raise awareness of their cause, they released the “Shark Fin soap” which raised $46,400 for Shark Savers. Not even a month later, the organization presented the LUSH petition with 5160 signatures at a California State hearing and a law was signed to ban the shark fin trade! Talk about getting things done!

The soap is back for a limited time for World Ocean’s Day, so get your hands on it while you can! While this product is back, all of the proceeds will be going to support the completion of Rob Stewart’s documentary: SHARKWATER: EXTINCTION. They will also go to protecting sharks and the ocean.

While LUSH is still selling these products and promoting their individual causes, they have just launched a brand new campaign, “Get Naked” , and the company is taking this campaign literally in order to make their point clear.

Employees at LUSH stores across America were chosen to (voluntarily) work completely naked under their special “Get Naked” aprons. Not only did the employees make a statement but they also informed customers all over the country about the impact of over-packaging.

lush cosmetics
Employees work (and pose!) naked to support the “Get Naked” campaign. Photo courtesy of @lushcosmetics on Twitter

According to the LUSH website, the company has been dedicated for years to strip down unnecessary packaging from their products. They acknowledge the enormous amount of waste that packaging creates and is proud to say that 35% of their products are package-free or “naked.” LUSH adds that the products that are not package-free are packaged in recycled or recyclable materials.

LUSH Cosmetics has promoted this cause on their social media and are encouraging you to join in!

By sharing a photo of you and your favorite naked LUSH product and captioning it with why you decided to #GetNakedWithLush you can be entered to win a naked product prize pack!
Challenge! Follow us on our social channels, share a photo of you with a naked Lush product and tell us about why you decided to get #nakedwithlush. Use the hashtag #nakedwithlush for a chance to win a naked product Prize Pack! We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the best photos and most meaningful stories, so for those of you who haven’t experimented with our naked products, the time is now!

Here are some of my favorite naked products:
lush cosmetics
Nothing to hide reusable LUSH bag $3.99 // Photo courtesy of
lush cosmetics
Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub $9.95 // Photo courtesy of

Not only is this a Naked product but it also supports two non-profit organizations that provide women in India opportunities to provide for their families. This naked body scrub is infused with jasmine, mimosa, and orange scents, and is vegan!

lush cosmetics
Buffy Body Butter $12.95 // Photo courtesy of

Packed with ground rice, almonds, beans, cocoa, and shea butter, and not in packaging!

You can check out more naked products here.

Even if you don’t end up winning, you will still be supporting a great cause to eliminate harmful waste and reap  all the skin care benefits in the process! Be sure to also tag @metizamag in your post! We’d love to see what naked products you love! I already loved LUSH’s products and the brand’s loyalty to be cruelty-free, but with the additional knowledge of their social campaigns, I have a newfound interest in the company and its products.




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