The Meaning Behind My Style Transformation

style transformation

With life comes changes, many of which can’t be controlled. Whether it be changes in age, relationships, or health, sometimes you have no choice but to roll with the punches; however, there are some things that do lie in your control, such as your fashion style. Clothes speak to who you are and often reflect how you feel about yourself. With this in mind, it only makes sense that your style changes as you do. Although clothes don’t define you, they play a large role in how you see yourself.

Taking time to reflect and update your style can improve your outlook and sense of confidence. When you look and feel good on the outside, you’re bound to feel more radiant on the inside. Having a style that truly represents you may lead you to bigger, more substantial changes in life.

While you don’t need to transform your wardrobe every time you experience a life change, making tweaks to it every now and then goes a long way.

As a young woman in my twenties, I’ve undergone a series of life experiences in recent years that have made me feel like a new person. I’m more independent and mature than ever before, and I strive to have a style that portrays that.

style transformation

I’m going to take you through my style transformation over the years to explain how my fashion sense has changed and why. Perhaps it’ll help you better understand your own evolution-revolution and inspire you to switch up your look.

My style has been heavily influenced by my older sister since I was little. I’ve always been drawn to her chic and classy looks, so much so that I accepted any and all hand-me-downs I was given: ballet flats, lace shirts, classic button-ups.

style transformation

There came a point in time, though, when I no longer felt my clothes represented me as much as they did her. We have very different personalities, and I wanted a sense of fashion that was my own.

From the end of middle school until the middle of high school, my wardrobe was quite eclectic. One day I’d wear overalls and a t-shirt, the next I’d be sporting a skater skirt, and the next I’d be in athleisure wear. It’s easy to say my style was all over the board!

None of my clothes quite felt like me at the time – now I know that’s because I was in the midst of figuring out who I was.

I eventually began describing my clothes as bohemian. I adored flowy tops, intricate embellishments, and fun patterns. Because I was becoming more outgoing and making new friends, my style was very playful!

style transformation

Heading into my senior year of high school, I wanted a brand new look to kick start the end of an era. I took drastic measures and cut about eight inches off of my hair, which was a bit more than initially anticipated. The change brought about a slight sense of insecurity, simply because I wasn’t used to it yet. I used clothes to boost my confidence and wore things that made me feel feminine. I adorned myself in flirty dresses and ruffled tops.

style transformation

I thought I had a pretty solid idea of my style by the time college rolled around, but girl was I wrong! Once I immersed in life on my own, I acquired a sense of maturity I didn’t necessarily have before. I really began feeling like an adult and wanted to dress the part, too.

With very little extra time in my schedule, I began wearing less makeup and simpler clothes that could be easily mixed-and-matched. I was always on the hunt for pieces that I could wear day or night that made me feel put together!  

This description reigns true to my style today, for the most part. I’m a simple gal who enjoys the little things in life, which coincides with the clothes I wear. I find myself often sporting delicate shades of blush, cream, and olive; however, I keep things unique by looking for items with intricate details, whether it be fun sleeves, an overall dress, or textured shirt.

style transformation

As you can tell, my style has changed just as much as me over the years. Clothes have helped me transition into new times of my life when I felt uncertain or overwhelmed. Having a style that fits my personality and stage in life has made me feel more confident in myself to take on whatever comes my way.

Looking back on my style transformation shows me how I’ve changed over the years and the progress I have made in becoming a more confident me. Many more life experiences are coming my way, and I’m excited to see how they impact my fashion!

I’d love to hear all about your style transformation over the years, too. Tag us in an outfit post on social media telling us about it! 

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