Need A Change? Here’s How To Do It On A Budget


We’ve all been there. One moment you’re fine and then bam, you’re hit with an overwhelming feeling that you need change in your life. You may not be sure what change you want, making the feeling only intensify as it sits unfulfilled. Having been in this spot many times myself, I’ve found a few ways to quench this desire and do it on a budget. Scroll on down for a little idea of what you can do to switch things up!

Temporary hair color:

It’s become a joke in some ways that when a woman wants a change she’ll drastically change her hair. All stereotypes set aside, this actually is a great way to get your fix. Think of how great you feel after getting a new haircut or color. But if a new color is what you seek, it can be tough to do that affordably. Especially if you want something on the wild side. Thanks to semi-permanent hair color, affordable change is within grasp! Lime Crime’s Unicorn hair dye line is a great option for vivid colors.

Road trip:

The moment I get antsy for change, I automatically think of traveling. As a student or someone with limited funds, picking up and going far away on a whim isn’t an option. But an in-state road trip is! No matter where you live, there’s bound to be national parks or towns you haven’t visited. Drive up by yourself for some much needed you time or grab your best friend to split the costs and make it a fun mini-trip!

Get creative:

Activities like painting, writing, and playing music are amazing ways to get emotions out. It’s very possible that all that pent up desire for change is waiting to be expressed in a creative way. Writing is a great, and free way, to flex your creativity. Thanks to the multitude of sales crafts stores always have, you’re bound to find some medium to suit your needs.

Take Yourself On A Date:

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed about anything, your mind isn’t working as clearly as it normally does. Taking yourself on a date, whether it be to a coffee shop or the mall, gives you time to just focus. Changing your surroundings may provide a much needed break from the daily grind. Not to mention a promise of something new in the form of a mini-shopping spree should you choose to indulge.

Plan a Girls Night:

Sometimes all you need is to be surrounded by your closest friends. Get together and plan a night filled with junk food, Netflix binges, and anything else your heart desires. Not only is the price of this extremely minimal but it also gives you the chance to bounce ideas off your trusted confidants if you’re seeking a bigger change that these recommendations don’t fulfill.

Needing change is an abstract feeling that is hard to please. These are just a few ways to deal with it and calm down the urge. Change can be scary but try to embrace it with your entire heart and great things will come out of it.

Cover Image courtesy of True West Magazine