Nine Times Twitter Was Too Relatable

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Of course I’m guilty of mindlessly scrolling through Twitter for way longer than I intended, but here’s how I breakdown social media:

Instagram: Where you show off your differences and outward lifestyle.

Snapchat: Texting… but with pictures.

Facebook: How I see how people I haven’t talked to in years are doing despite the fact that I don’t talk to them anymore anyway.

LinkedIn: The most professional version of myself and I hardly open the app.

And lastly,

Twitter: The place that society goes to realize we are not alone and our generation has the most absurd and kind of dark humor that really just makes you say, “that’s literally me.”

So here are a few time that Twitter was as  relatable as you needed it to be.

Like the Time They Really Called Us Out For Being Flakey

Twitter mood post

I think we’ve all fallen head over heels for someone only to decide that we are actually delusional and don’t know what we should be doing with our love life at all.

Or The Time That They Knew Exactly What the World Needed

Twitter mood post .

It doesn’t matter how sketchy it makes me feel but something about watching some conspiracy theories at night is a mood. The amount of traffic a drive-in would get would be insane because, admit it, everyone loves conspiracy theories.

Twitter Even Knows When You’re Trying to Flex on the ‘Gram

Twitter mood post .Twitter was relatable

Everyone has their own taste in music that they use to express themselves. Pair that with Instagram and it’s the perfect place to show off those lyrics that had you feeling yourself.

Then They Hyped You Up to Take Some Time for Yourself

Twitter mood post .Twitter was relatable

This is it. Taking time for yourself doesn’t even need an explanation. You’re out here living for you so why not live your best life. Plus, once you help yourself you can help others be happy.

When Twitter Gets Just as Down as the Rest of the World:

Twitter was relatable

It’s not 2019 unless someone is struggling, right?! But this time I think they hit the nail on the head because this quarter-life/mid-life crisis hits hard.

Or When They Know Just How Tiring Adulthood Can Be:

Twitter was relatable

Having more than one thing to do either makes you feel super accomplished or makes you want to have sleep for dinner. There is no in-between.

No One Even Knows Why They’re Crying Anymore:

Twitter mood post Twitter was relatable

Sometimes you just have to let it out. Crying is healthy. Maybe not as much if you’ve got tears streaming down your face without even knowing, but either way at least your friends are asking what’s wrong.

Then There’s The Time They Felt Your Grudge From a Mile Away:

Twitter was relatable

Grudges are definitely not good, but when it comes to that one thing that tips your iceberg then the twitter-verse is sure to be there for you while you sit and pout it off.

Lastly, When the Tea Is So Piping Hot That You Have to Write it Out:

Twitter was relatable

Honestly, I think it’s the highest compliment when people want to spill their tea because it means they trust you. Not to mention, being in-the-know is such a satisfying feeling.