Outcharmed – Affordable Handmade Jewelry? Yes PLEASE!

Who doesn't want unique, affordable and adorable jewelry?

When it comes to jewelry I am ALL about finding unique, eclectic pieces that no one else has. A really great piece of jewelry suits my personal style and is a way to show off how I am uniquely me. For the average college student, it is nearly impossible to find trendy jewelry that every sorority girl doesn’t already have, especially when you’re ballin’ on a budget. Enter Outcharmed!

Outcharmed – which can be found online at and on Instagram @outcharmed – is a jewelry company created and owned by Samara, a 20 year old student at the University of Arizona. Each piece is hand-crafted, and no two pieces are exactly alike. Special modifications can be made to any piece of jewelry ordered, giving all customers a degree of creative freedom to choose and create a piece that is unique for them. All pieces that are currently available range in price from $10-$30, with prices varying with the complexity of each piece.

The general style of Outcharmed pieces is bohemian with a desert twist, but there truly is something for everyone’s style!

The Star Crossed Lovers Choker could be styled with a sundress and sandals for a fun & flirty look, or with a leather jacket and vintage band tee for an edgier vibe. The Cosmic Layered Necklace is perfect for the boho babe who loves a subtle statement piece. The Square Earrings are another incredibly versatile piece – perfect to spice up a business casual outfit, give your everyday look a little more pizzazz, or be the center of attention with your hair in a high ponytail and a fun cocktail dress.

Star Crossed Lovers
Square Earrings



Not only does Outcharmed feature a diverse and fashionable array of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, the website and Instagram account exhibit creativity and professionalism like no other. Outcharmed has teamed up with other local photographers to create beautiful lookbooks, promotional videos, and photos to display the jewelry.

The shopping and check-out process is painless, and the response time to Instagram direct messages is fast. This truly is a company that is engaged with customers and committed to providing the best experience possible.

Outcharmed rewards customers with special promotions and giveaways, and also uses its platform to be involved in important causes.

Following the election last year, Outcharmed created safety pin chokers as part of the Safety Pin Movement – a nationwide trend in which people wore safety pins to show that they were an ally to the vulnerable, and no one is alone.

Outcharmed has also contributed proceeds to Doctors Without Borders to assist with the devastating situation in Aleppo, and assisted in relief efforts for other national and worldwide tragedies. Photos courtesy of @outcharmed Instagram.

Outcharmed is definitely my favorite jewelry find of the moment. One-of-a-kind jewelry at a reasonable price, a socially aware and engaged company, and a local small business… what more could you want!

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