Banish that A.M. Clothing Crisis and Find Your Personal Style

Cher's personal style in Clueless

Ever notice that some people just look on point no matter what day, weather or occasion? Style on lock. Is that as frustrating to you as it is to me? Well let’s see if we can make that daily early morning fashion crisis a thing of the past.

Instead of blindly shopping the racks, try and figure out what you like beforehand. Take a quick look in your closet, and see if you can pick up on a pattern. Do you see a huge array of colors, or is it more monochrome on the hangers? Identifying colors (or lack of) that you gravitate towards can be a huge help in perfecting your personal style. Also, put aside the pieces that you never find yourself wearing. Chances are, they are a bit different than the rest of your clothing choices, which means you don’t feel as comfortable wearing it.

Once you’ve evaluated what you like and don’t like in your current closet, it is helpful to start a Pinterest board with all of the looks that grab your attention. Although the majority of street style pins are of designer brands, it’s important to take the fundamentals out of the picture. It’s so easy to find similar styles for much less on the internet.

Take this Gigi Hadid look from InStyle example: Asos Wrap Coat- $78Forever21 Jeans – $34.90

Gigi Hadid, ASOS coat, Forever 21 jeans
Keep in mind too that specific style categories can be overrated. Whatever is most comfortable and confidence-boosting is typically the best route, instead of labeling yourself as “boho” and searching for clothing that fits into that style. Athleisure Sporty? Classic? SoCal Surfer Casual? There are so many options, and you can pick and choose what suits you best. The point is you need to feel comfortable and totally “you” not an impersonation of some icon.


Naturally, you’ll find pieces, patterns, and colors that flatter yourself and make you feel good, so stick with those. If you tend to lean towards girly pastels, don’t force yourself into a leather jacket just because it is trending at the moment, and vice versa. Honestly, that gets exhausting, and expensive! Listen to your fashion instinct, and you’ll rock whatever style suits you best!

Cover image via Vogue.