Pop & Suki: the Leather Goods Line by BFFs, for BFFs

Pop & Suki

Yes, my friends, it’s that time of year again… Time to start thinking about holiday gifts for your friends and family, and time to start coming up with a plan to afford them all. Here’s one solution to any gift giving anxiety you may be stricken with—

Enter: Pop & Suki.

Created by real-life best friends Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse, this brand of customizable leather goods are the perfect thing to give (and to get) this year. They had the cutest star-studded promotional party last Wednesday at a vintage ’50s diner in L.A., with celebs the likes of Paris Hilton, Georgia May Jagger, and Cara Delevingne giving their vetted approval.

We’re designing the stuff we actually want…those pieces that we always talked about as “if onlys.” -Poppy Jamie & Suki Waterhouse, founders & designers

I am totally obsessed with Pop & Suki’s camera bags, and fully intend to get matching ones for me and my BFF this year. These pillbox over-the-shoulder bags are $195, and customization is always free. If you’re in the market for something a little cheaper, check out their makeup bags, card holders, and other smaller accessories below (all of which you can get customized!). I would not be mad receiving anything from Pop & Suki in my stocking this year, just sayin’.

Tech Tassel, $40
Pop & Suki Tech Tassel
Pop & Suki Tech Tassel, $40
Carryall, $430
Pop & Suki Carryall
Pop & Suki Carryall, $430
Card Case, $50
Pop & Suki Card Case
Pop & Suki Card Case, $50
Camera Bag, $195
Pop & Suki Camera Bag
Pop & Suki Camera Bag, $195
Alphabet Charm, $20
Pop & Suki Alphabet Charm
Pop & Suki Alphabet Charm, $20
Bestie Charms, $30
Pop & Suki Bestie Charms
Pop & Suki Bestie Charms, $30



Okay, are you convinced yet? Here are some other suggestions. Show your bestie some love this year, or simply treat yourself, no harm in that 🙂