Halloween Makeup Series: Rafiki from ‘The Lion King’

Hakuna ma-halloween!

Our favorite Halloween costume trend this year is super detailed ANIMAL MAKEUP! In this first video installment of three, we’re featuring Rafiki Halloween makeup by a professional makeup artist. Not only is the makeup amazing, your costume props can also include a massive walking stick with magic powers, a white beard, little red baboon ears, and a blue butt. PLUS you can spend the whole night posing like a zen master and saying wise things that no one understands. Winning.

Watch and enjoy!

 Rafiki Halloween Makeup

What you’ll need:
Face paint
Fake eyelashes

Rafiki Halloween Music
1. Start by outlining each eye with royal blue paint in an exaggerated almond shape that goes all the way to your temples. Then fill in your cheeks below with a lighter blue.
Rafiki Halloween Music
2. Fill in your chin and lower cheeks with yellow. Add in white eyebrows above your natural brow bone, they should touch in the middle. Finish off the colorblocking with a grey forehead.
Rafiki Halloween Music
3. Paint your lips and nose red.
Rafiki Halloween Music
4. Paint your eyelids and under eye yellow. Add yellow dots around the bottom royal blue section that outlines your eyes.
Rafiki Halloween Music
5. Outline every section in black and add in black stripes along your cheeks. Above your white eyebrow section, your black outlining should be perforated, like little hairs.
Rafiki Halloween Music
6. Add fake eyelashes and little white dots running vertically down your chin.
Rafiki Halloween Music
7. Do your hair as desired and add your costume!


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