Save Your Money! Beyoncé is Coming Back to Athleisure

Beyoncé just teamed up with adidas

Queen Bey is at it again! Three years after her cult-favorite athleisure wear brand Ivy Park launched, Beyoncé announced she would be re-launching the brand with Adidas. Even more, Beyoncé will work with Adidas to launch a new brand where Bey will serve as creative director.

In a press release on her website, Beyoncé announced she would be designing footwear and apparel for a new brand with Adidas.

Outside of her plans to relaunch Ivy Park, there are no details provided to what new product would be developed.

The overarching theme in the collaboration is multi-faceted. It will focus on the importance of women in leadership, shared ownership, empowerment, and involve creatives making changes in the sports world.

Both Beyoncé and Adidas are putting a lot of emphasis on inspiring and encouraging our future generations. With a focus on storytelling, we can only expect a beautifully woven collection and meaningful story tying it all together.

Throughout the press release, they stress the fact that neither Beyonce nor Adidas subscribe to status quos. The footwear and apparel they’ll create will no doubt change not only athleisure but sports as well.

No release date is available now but better start saving your money!


Cover image courtesy of Grammy

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