Halloween Makeup Series: Simba from ‘The Lion King’

Simba Halloween Makeup

Anyone else wait until the last minute to figure out their Halloween costume this year? What if we said we had the perfect idea for you. Someone fluffy, fierce, and cuter than JTT. As the final installment in the series, we give you our Simba Halloween makeup tutorial. Don’t forget to work on your ROAR!

Simba Halloween Makeup

What you’ll need:
2 shades of brown foundation
Cream foundation
Pink face paint
Black eye liner
Fake eyelashes

Simba Halloween Makeup 1
1. Curl your hair and tease it out to look like a lion’s mane. You can roll two sections on either side of your head to look like ears, use bobby pins and hairspray to keep them in place. You can also purchase felt ears for the same effect.
Simba Halloween Makeup 2
2. Paint your eyelids up to your brows with your darker brown foundation. Paint under your eye lids with the cream foundation (dark circles be gone!)
Simba Halloween Makeup 3
3. Paint around your mouth and your chin in the cream foundation. Color in your cheeks, nose, and forehead with your lighter brown color and from your cheek bones down to your chin in the darker tone. This will help build out the planes of your face to look more like Simba’s.
Simba Halloween Makeup 4
4. Cover the tip of your nose in pink face paint.
Simba Halloween Makeup 6
5. Now for some definition.  Outline your nostrils and eyes with your black liner. Extend your eye liner to touch the bottom tip of your brows. Line your top lip and and brows with thick black lines, bring them to a sharp point on the ends. Sketch on whiskers, add fake eyelashes and you’re ready to roar!

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