Summer 2018 Fashion and Beauty Essentials

summer 2018 fashion

Every season comes with its very own set of fashion and beauty essentials! My summer wouldn’t be complete without some trusty pieces and products that allow me to feel good and beat the heat.

I’ll share my summer 2018 go-to items that take me from a busy day at work to lounging by the pool. From makeup to fashion, and accessories, this post includes it all!

Overall Dresses:

There’s nothing I love more than an outfit that is sweet and simple, which is pretty much the definition of an overall dress. These all-in-one outfits allow me to get ready and go in the morning when time is of the essence. All I have to do is slip it on and head for the door.

Overall dresses prove to be a fashion staple this season as celebrities and social influencers alike have been sporting them left-and-right. They come in a variety of colors and materials to fit any style and occasion.

In my closet, one will find a light denim overall dress from the Gap with silver buttons that adorn it from top to bottom. I can either wear it on its own or pair it with a simple tee to make it look like a new outfit. This look is perfect for a summer picnic or day out with friends.

summer 2018 fashion

I also have an olive green overall dress from Free People that is simple yet dressy. It’s deep v-neck cut and unique color give off safari vibes and allow me to dress it up or down as I please. I’ve been sporting this look to work with my favorite pair of nude block heels.


This summer essential is a bit different because it’s a pattern! I thought it was necessary to include on the list as I’ve been wearing it in various ways. Gingham is a light-weight cotton, traditionally woven with black and white checks that make it perfect for this season’s heat.

A modern twist on the traditional look has taken over this year’s fashion scene. I’ve grown such an adoration for this classic that I own everything from hair bows to bathing suits, tops, and rompers in the pattern.

summer 2018 fashion

Gingham has come and gone throughout various times in history, and I must say how happy I am that it’s back again! You may remember seeing it on Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and pop icons, such as Twiggy. Today, it’s seen on celebs, such as Olivia Munn and Kendall Jenner.

Smocked Tops:

Smocked tops are another go-to item I haven’t been able to live without because they are fun and flirty. They are known for their tight pleats that are held together by a parallel stitch.

This looks makes an appearance every summer in some way. The material is included on tanks and tube tops this year, as well as off-the-shoulder shirts. Because this style of shirt is so intricate, I usually pair it with a good ol’ pair of denim jeans or shorts.

summer 2018 fashion

Straw Hats:

Some sort of hat seems to be all the rave each season, and this summer the attention is on straw hats!

This accessory staple is found in a number of styles and colors. Its versatility allows you to incorporate them into any outfit you put on.

summer 2018 fashion

I’ve personally been drawn to these hats because they give me a chic form of sun protection. Whether I’m at brunch or strolling around town on vacation, I know I can count on this item to protect my skin and complete my look!

Coral Lipstick:

Certain lip colors are designated for every season. While fall and winter are meant for deep and dark tones, summer is the time for bright and bubbly ones. Coral is the color of choice this year!

The orange undertones of this shade fit that fun-in-the-sun mentality of summer. While it may seem a bit bold for some people’s taste, the good news is that it comes in a variety of shades for various skin tones and styles.

summer 2018 fashion

I found my summer go-to lip stain at Sephora for about 14 dollars! It was well worth it because I can count on it to stay on throughout the day, even through meals and this raging AZ heat.

There you have it – my five favorite summer fashion and beauty products! While these items may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I hope you were inspired in some way, shape, or form. I’d love to hear about your summer essentials, too. Tag us in your favorite summer looks on social!