Meet Taylor Frankel, the Girl Behind the Modern Makeup Pencil

Taylor Frankel, Nudestix

Taylor Frankel created Nudestix with her mom and sister as a teen girl who craved easy, fast and effortless beauty. In her ideal world, your makeup bag fits in the palm of your hand.

We caught up with her to talk all things beauty industry: what it was like to start a company with her mom and sister, her go-to beauty hacks (girl has some amazing brows), and what it means to be a #babeboss. She even gave us an exclusive gift for all our Metiza girls! Just use the promo code NSMETIZA to receive 15% off. Your holiday beauty game just got magnetically luminous.

One of the things we love about Nudestix is that it was founded – like Metiza – by a powerful mother-daughter duo. What is it like working with your mom? Your sister?

By working so closely together, we are able to bond on a totally different level.

TF: I love working with my mom and sister! By working so closely together, we are able to bond on a totally different level. My mom inspires me everyday to work harder and be the best version of myself. She has taught me what it means to be a respectable leader, co-worker and founder. Her passion for her work and Nudestix is reflected in everything she does. I couldn’t ask for a better woman to work alongside.

My sister’s day to day consists of attending high school – however, on the rare occasion that we do work alongside one another, it’s the most fun! We feed off of each other and there is a special energy in the room that embodies the Nudestix ethos. Essentially, we are Nudestix – so when we’re together it just feels right.

Frankel women, founders of Nudestix

What has been the most rewarding thing about starting your own company so far? The most challenging?

TF: I think one of the most rewarding things about staring my own company is inspiring other aspiring female entrepreneurs. Also, it is surreal to see how much our brand has grown within a two-year time period. I love seeing our vision come to life everyday – by connecting with our followers and fans, it inspires me to keep creating, innovating and challenging myself. The most challenging thing would be standing out among all of the noise that is the beauty industry.

When you walk into Sephora, all the products, brushes, and serums can be intimidating and expensive. What sets Nudestix limited product line apart?

We craved easy, fast and effortless beauty.

TF: All of the products, brushes and serums are part of the inspiration behind Nudestix. My sister and I, being your everyday girls – did not care for overly complicated steps and products. We craved easy, fast and effortless beauty. Our ideal makeup bag fit in the palm of our hands – So naturally, we thought of pencils since they are so versatile, portable and easy to use.

Nudestix is a luxury collection of easy to use makeup crayons for the eyes, face, lips, brows. Our product assortment consists of only pencils… YAY! Also, all of our products come packaged in a matte black recyclable tin, which includes a mirror on the tin lid and sharpener. We have curated a seamless experience starting from the chic, eco-friendly packing to the high-quality sharpener (*slow clap*).

Nudestix pencils

Fun fact: you can fit up to six pencils in your Nudestix tin, so essentially your makeup bag in the palm of your hands! Mission accomplished!

So much of going nude or wearing less-is-more makeup has to do with great skincare. What is your skin care regime? Do you have any tips you can share?

TF: Definitely. Skin-care has become a recent obsession of mine – from trying new products to being extremely vigilant on researching what products are best suited for my skin type – normal to dry. First, I use a Micellar face wash to cleanse. I use this everyday to cleanse and remove makeup! I love Micellar solutions because they are not harsh on the skin and do not leave an oily residue.

Taylor and Ally Frankel, Nudestix

Next, I exfoliate (about 2-3 times a week). It’s so important to remove the dead skin that accumulates throughout the week. By exfoliating, you’re preparing your skin to absorb any skin-actives such as vitamin E (typically in moisturizers). I also use a toner which I recently added to my skin care regime – it is magical. It gives me an extra cleanse after my Micellar if I feel like I still have makeup remnants in my pores. Finally, moisturize – I use a non-oil based moisturizer.

Everyone is talking about brow maintenance right now: how to manicure, how to fill in, how to get that perfect arch. Can you tell us about your brow evolution? What is your go-to brow product?

TF: Yes, brow maintenance is key! I remember, I used to over pluck my brows. Now, I rarely touch them with tweezers or scissors. I use the Nudestix dual ended Brow Stylus + Gel everyday. It fills, styles and sets my brows.

On Nudestix’ social, we love your #BabeBoss conversation. What is the story behind the hashtag? Who do you consider a true #babeboss?

We represent a new generation of women who are driven, savvy and empowering.

TF: #babeboss was inspired by our innate obligation (as female entrepreneurs) to identify women/girls who are both babes and bosses. Long gone are the days where girls are either babes or bosses — we represent a new generation of women who are driven, savvy and empowering.

What’s one thing you do to relax and take care of yourself?

TF: My ideal night is putting on a face mask and watching Netflix!

What advice would you give girls who are interested in starting their own company? What is one skill every young female entrepreneur needs to succeed?

TF: Most great ideas come from one’s inability to fulfill his/her individual need. Once you’ve identified your product/service niche – build a following on social media and develop a brand identity. Don’t be afraid to be out of the box or disruptive. Also, tell your story! It is so important to share your brand ethos! Why is your product better than your competitor? The skill of problem solving. No matter the challenges that you are faced with – as an entrepreneur, you must be able to think on your toes and react quickly!

Can you speak to the female role models that have inspired you? How important are they to your success?

TF: My mom, Jenny, is definitely the most influential female role model in my life.

At Metiza, we challenge everybody to do one act of kindness a day, 365 days a year. On your website, you participate in a program called “Love is Louder.” How do you see that bringing love and kindness to our world?

TF: I love that! Love is Louder is a social movement that shares the message that love and support are louder than any internal or external voice that may bring us down. Their goal is to build a community for adolescent girls and boys alike, who can speak openly to one another about any issues they may be dealing with – anxiety, depression, abuse – to ultimately prevent suicide.

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Many adolescents today are faced with pressures due to school/friends/family and although some may have someone to talk to in order to deal with these pressures, the majority of them do not. Not only do we strongly believe in this social movement, it is a very personal issue for both my sister and I. By spreading the love and sharing our stories – we are giving a voice to those who don’t.

Meet all three Nudestix Founders – Ally, Jenny and Taylor!

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