The Importance of Power Outfits

I was always the person who thought putting effort into your appearance simply meant that you weren’t satisfied with yourself. However, it’s the complete opposite and investing in some, what I like to call, “power outfits” can give you that extra push of confidence you need.

Behind Dressing Well

I know the daily running shorts or leggings are tempting as you rush to class, but consider putting a bit more thought into your outfit today.

Wearing an outfit that embodies your personality and makes you feel confident has scientifically-backed benefits.

According to a study in Social Psychological and Personality Science, participants who changed from casual to formal attire had increased abilities to think abstractly.

When you do put on that snazzy outfit, however, make sure you’re doing it for you. Do it so you feel like a stronger version yourself. Learning to align your outward appearance with the way you feel, or want to feel, on the inside is incredibly fulfilling.

What is a Power Outfit?

When I decided that dressing well emboldened me to achieve in all other components of my life as well, the idea of re-creating my entire wardrobe was pretty intimidating. Luckily, all you really need to start is a power outfit.

A power outfit is your go-to confidence booster, pick-me-up, you name it. You most likely already have this outfit you just haven’t dubbed it as your “power outfit.”

This it the look you wear when you have that daunting class presentation or have those pre-date butterflies. Anytime nervousness? No worries, your power outfit is there to pick you right on up. The power outfit transcends whatever mood you’re in.

Finding Your Get-Up and Expanding Your Wardrobe

If you’re unsure about what your power outfit is, look no further.

It might take some trial and error but spend the next few days or weeks experimenting with your wardrobe. What pieces are comfortable, which aren’t? Which ones make you feel invincible, which can you do without?

Take note and assemble accordingly. Eventually you’ll find the perfect get-up. If you already have, perfect, now it’s time to expand.

Once you identify certain elements of clothing that really make you feel like yourself, start piecing together other outfits with similar aesthetics. For me it’s my Doc Martens. For some reason these boots make me feel invincible, so I try and find new and creative ways to wear them.

Don’t be afraid to make it unique either. The best part about the original and subsequent power outfits is that they make you feel more like you. One of my favorite outfits is a bright, flowery Hawaiian shirt with my Docs. Total opposite, but totally my vibe.

Find your own look and aesthetic and you’ll soon notice the benefits of entertaining your own style in all parts of your day.

It’s Okay to Still Wear Those Leggings, Too

Some days the leggings call to you, and you listen. That’s perfectly okay! The best part about this whole mindset and wardrobe recreation is that it’s solely dependent on what you want that day.

But never forget the badass feeling of putting on that power outfit and totally conquering your day.

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