The Rise of Depop


When was the last time you went a day without being online? If you were born in the late 90s to early 2000s, I’m gonna guess that it has been a very long time. One of the best (and most addicting) things about the internet is online shopping. 

As this form of consumerism has evolved over the years, online shopping has developed a new kind of marketplace — Depop. This online thrifting platform was created back in 2011 and is based in the UK. However, it was not long before American kids caught on to the craze.

Young people are buying and selling clothes on this platform daily. Some have made jobs out of it, some are there to buy from the little shops. The culture of the app ranges from people selling pieces out of their own closets to thrifting valuable vintage items and selling them for what they are worth (some vintage shops sell clothes from hundreds).

The internet is home to many different communities, but Depop is particularly unique because it is a marketplace that is almost exclusively run by young shop owners. It is not your typical buy-and-sell forum; Depop is more like if Instagram and eBay made an epic collaboration.

item from user @almaattheparty on Depop

Sustainability Is the New Black

Thrifting has been a growing trend amongst younger Millennials and Gen Z for a while now. But the interesting part about this is that this group is choosing to shop at their local Goodwill instead of low-priced stores such as Forever 21 or H & M. This may be because of the rise of sustainability. Many of these cheap stores are using slave labor overseas to produce their clothes and quite frankly, these kids don’t want to promote slavery. Fast fashion is over.

Going to a local thrift store is environmentally conscious, but many of the clothes in these shops end up in a landfill if they are not bought by a certain time. Depop is completely sustainable and environmentally conscious. Every seller knows where every article of clothing is going!

Along with being a kind way to take care of the earth, thrifting on Depop also fuels this generation’s highly individualistic mindset. 

#Trending: Individuality

If you are on Depop, you have probably noticed that every item listed is completely unique. Scrolling through the Explore page, you will find neon green nylon skirts and fringed leather jackets with flames embroidered on the sleeves. Not only the article of clothing itself, but the way it is presented is from the seller’s own form of creative direction.

Whether an account is an official shop or just someone selling their clothes in an aesthetically pleasing way, each page has unique marketing tactics. On Depop, you have to work to stand out since everyone is making their own place in the community. There is so much to sort through.

It doesn’t matter who you are, there is something for everyone on this app. The individualistic mindset of the people selling clothes caters to someone of every style. That’s the beauty of Depop. And most of the accounts are retailing their clothes at very reasonable prices. I mean, the app is mostly high school and college kids looking for a bargain after all.

item from user @camposmoiraa on Depop

Another Online Community 

The difference between Depop and any other buy-and-sell app is that this platform is filled with young people who share interests and want to make the community one that is friendly. Many Depop shops will give discounts to returning customers and friends. A lot of sellers are also open to price negotiation. 

In this generally positive space, young people have found a safe way to make money and friends. It is quite common for people to link their social media in their shop descriptions. Sometimes it’s to let buyers know who you are outside of the app, and other times it’s a great way to establish connections. 

An incredibly fun part of Depop is the fact that celebrities will sometimes open shops and sell their own personal clothing. Fashion icons such as Devon Lee Carlson and Emily Ratajkowski have made a home in the humble internet marketplace. Celebrities — they’re just like us, right?

If you haven’t looked into getting a Depop yet, it would be in your best interest to at least download the app and start browsing. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a deal on some old school Reebok high tops.