3 Valentine Lipsticks by ColourPop to Get Your Perfect Pout

Valentine lipstick

Because I choose to see the beauty in all things, I like the opportunity to express myself with every holiday. While I struggle with some parts of Valentine’s day, my favorite part is the colors. Light pinks, dusty roses, wine, reds – all shades are up for grabs this holiday. When it comes down to the product I wear the most, even on a day where I haven’t done a full face of makeup, I love to reach for lipstick. As someone who adores romantic makeup looks already, a Valentine lipstick recommendation seemed a natural choice.

Because I’m definitely an affordable beauty kinda girl, most of my lipsticks are drugstore brand, or drugstore price. One of my favorite brands right now, and all three of my Valentine lipstick choices, is ColourPop Cosmetics. It’s  online only, but I think that they make some of the most high quality lipsticks in a reasonable price range.

Valentine Lipstick 1 Color Pop

Alyssa is a collaboration with ColourPop x Kathleenlights, described as a “muted pink.” This is also a liquid lipstick in a Satin finish, which means that while it dries down to your lips, it won’t dry down matte. ColourPop warns us that it’s not entirely “kiss proof,” so be prepared!  When I first tried this color on, I thought it would be a little too light for my skin tone as I’m already so pale, but it reads more as a light rose that flatters most skin tones. Because Alyssa is a nude, baby pink, it’s a perfect daytime shade.

Valentine Lipstick 2 Color Pop

Another ColourPop x Kathleenlight collab, Lumiere is described as a “dusty mauve pink.” In the tube, Lumiere looks mauve-pink, but on the lips it reads more of a pink-purple color depending on your skin tone. I’m pale, so Lumiere looks extra dark on me. On darker skin tones, Lumiere will appear a lighter, pinker shade – but flattering either way. This is one of ColourPop’s lippie stix in their matte formula. I like this color for Valentine’s day because while it keeps with the pink theme, it’s a little bit of a twist with how purple it looks on the lips. I love a good traditional pink or red, but I’m all for switching it up and trying new colors. If you’re looking for something a little darker and bolder than Alyssa, but still in the pink family, Lumiere fits the bill.

Valentine Lipstick 3 Color Pop

Tulle is the boldest out of the three shades – and my personal favorite. Described as a “dusty burgundy,” Tulle is a true wine-brown red. Tulle is one of ColourPop’s ultra matte liquid lipsticks, and when I say it’s matte – it’s TRULY matte. The ultra matte liquid lipsticks dry down fast, so you have to be careful about the time you take in applying them. And if you want them to stay matte, be sure to only apply one coat – two will make the finish satin. In this photo, Tulle hasn’t dried down just yet, but once it does, it will last most of the day. I find that I don’t have to reapply until the latter part of my day, drinks and food won’t budge this lipstick. I love this shade for Valentine’s day, because it’s so much more edgy and bold than the others. I see this being worn for a date night or even during the day, paired with a subtle eye look.

Whether you celebrate Valentine’s day with friends, family, or your significant other, if you want to get festive – be sure to invest in these unique shades this holiday.

Cover image via ColourPop Cosmetics.