Wear Your Worthy! Our Metiza Shop is Now Open!

It’s finally here! The Metiza online shop is now open!

This adventure has been a long time coming. We’ve strived to build a merchandise shop that represents our community and mission. Metiza has always been a place of empowerment and celebration. To share real stories that let you know that whatever you are going through is normal and it in no way denies value.

We want you to know and celebrate how Worthy you are. We are offering you another opportunity to share that with the world in our Worthy tee and hoodie.

Metiza Shop

Understand that you are and always have been Enough, and that no matter what adversity you may face, remember to always Be You.

Metiza Shop

Think of our merchandise as wearable self-affirmations.

When you put on the tee shirt with big lettering shouting Enough or sipping your coffee from your Be You mug – you’re not just telling the world, you are reminding yourself as well.

We also understand that no matter how cute an item is, price matters. We took that into consideration as well while designing the Metiza Shop. Our shirts, mugs, hoodies, and hats are not only great quality but they’re also affordable!

Take a look, share with a friend, add to our amazing community. Remember you’re never alone when you’re wearing your Enough t-shirt or snuggling up in the Worthy hoodie.

We also ask that when you wear it, snap a picture and share it with us on social media! You have always been the heart of what we do. We are so excited and humbled to share this with you!

Quantities are limited, so grab your self love (in apparel form) now! Be Bold! You are Worthy, Enough to remember to always… always Be YOU!

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