Why Kourtney Kardashian Doesn’t Care About Stardom

kourtney kardashian

Everyone knows the Kardashian family. They have been on our screens for some time now dealing with highs and lows. They are all famous for something, but lately Kourtney Kardashian has been out of the spotlight and focusing on something more important. Being a mother to her three children. We have seen it throughout different episodes, but Kourtney seems to have completely different values than her family. She doesn’t care about the fashion shows or building her brand. She wants to be a mother and that’s what has been her priority ever since she had her first child, Mason.

Different Values

Even throughout each episode, you see her have these small moments with her children. Recently, she has explained to her family that being a mother is her priority and she blames herself for missing cherished moments and creating memories.

Not saying that the other Kardashian sisters don’t care about their children, but Kourtney does not what them to be exposed to the spotlight. She homeschool’s her children and uses that time to be with them. Not exposing them to the paparazzi world will give them values to live by.

The highlights of the show are mainly the family’s issues. You always see the details of each family member and what they’re going through. However, Kourtney’s problems are usually kept hidden. We rarely see her true emotions and I think that’s because she wants to keep that to herself.

Many of her sisters have openly revealed their problems on air with no regret. I think this is because they want the public to know what they went through. However Kourtney has a different mentality.

kourtney kardashian
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Why This Is Different

We have seen other celebrities not wanting their children to be exposed to the outside world. However, this is different because of it being within a star family. All of Kourtney’s family members are open to the media and she’s backing away from that.

I think this could tell us some of the effects of being in the spotlight for a long time. This show has been going on for about 15 years, and that’s a long time for having your life filmed day by day. It gets intrusive and there’s really no point to it.

I think from the beginning, having money and fame was not at all important to Kourtney. The show mainly revolves around Kim and she just followed along with it. She was never fully on board with the whole celebrity status and that’s why she is different.

I admire her for that trait. Growing up in a famous family is not an easy thing and I think she handles it very well. She deeply cares about her children and wants to make them feel comfortable which is hard considering the show is a daily taping of their lives.

This definitely sets an example for other celebrity mothers and them thinking about the future for their children. Being in the spotlight can be harsh on your life, and I think they have to take that into consideration when raising them.