Why “Thank U, Next” Should Be Everyone’s Theme

The hype about Ariana’s latest song, Thank U, Next. may have “died down” a tiny bit since it’s been released. (Let’s be honest, no it hasn’t.) Maybe it didn’t stick with you, but the song still rings clear in my head.

If you’re anything like me, staying up with the latest songs, trends, and celebrity news is honestly not your thing. Truly, it’s like a foreign language to me. I’m the type of person that happens to stumble across some news that was trending a couple months ago, and then confused by it all because I’ve been in the dark for some time.

But let’s be real. I did listen and watch Ariana’s video when it dropped. When I heard about this song, the first thing I imagined was that is was going to be some sort of a “diss” track. Which let’s be honest, is petty. So I didn’t care much.

Adding fuel to that fire, when I heard that she was posting an array of Mean Girls references I just assumed the video and song itself would wreak of Regina George and her “mean girl vibe.” Low and behold, I was wrong. Never did I ever imagine the epicness I saw.

Aside from the music video being as unique as it was, (while taking me back to my rom-com phase of the 2000’s), the song itself actually turned out to be something with much more meaning behind it. And let’s admit, the song was a smash, as Ari liked to say.

Even though it’s pretty straight forward lyric wise, I ended up taking away a much deeper meaning from it all. I always tend to find myself looking into how the lyrics themselves can speak to me and others on a much broader spectrum. This song did exactly that. 


This song revolves specifically around “past boyfriends” but the context itself does not stop there. I took it as applying it to your whole life and not just a specific set of experiences you’ve had along the way.

To me, it was about seeing and appreciating every single thing that this life has to offer you, good or bad. Taking those experiences and using them to help you grow and become a better person than you were the day before. It’s about being thankful for every encounter/experience you have had along the way, and embracing the journey.

I saw the message revolving around being loving of all that you are. Really taking the time to get to know every single part of you, then using that to branch out toward others. It’s finding confidence in yourself, and your surroundings, being self-loving, and really finding that connectedness with yourself and the world around you.

It’s all about the growth. The appreciation you hold, the take-away you have, and the attitude you have going forward. It wasn’t simply about being “thankful for her exes.” To me, it meant something so much more.

That perspective in itself holds so much power and value. Hearing this song has such symbolism for me. It brings a powerful message, and a beautiful reminder to be more thankful of all that you’ve experienced within your life and all that you will moving forward.


This song isn’t about being “cocky” or “too-proud,” it’s not meant to be a diss. Learning to adapt and grow with whatever changes life may throw your way can be tough. So when you have a catchy tune, one that can help motivate and empower you, it’s always a great start. Allow yourself to really see it from a different perspective, and apply it to all that you are surrounded by, in your life, today.

There are many celebrities, singers, actresses, actors or influential people in the world that really strive to make a difference, and bring forth a positive change. So it’s nice when I can tune in and listen to some Ariana to feel that perception positive energy. Little reminders, always hold the most value.

If you haven’t yet, listen to Ariana and be thankful for whatever life may throw your way. Embrace the changes, and learn to love yourself while doing so. Always find gratitude and see the positives in whatever these experiences may bring.

You’ve come this far in life, you can go so much farther. When challenges arise, embrace it for what it is and simply say, Thank U, Next.

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