Your 2018-2019 Winter Mood Board

Living for this winter goodness.

Winter is here! Wanna know how I know? It dropped below 70 degrees here in Phoenix. I’m actually freezing in this 50-60 degree weather – sorry north easterners and midwesterners. Although there are not any little snow flurries here, I still have the winter aesthetic on my mind. So here’s your 2018-2019 Winter Mood Board!

First up, I can’t stop wearing this  from Fashion Nova. My poor mother showed up to brunch on this chilly Sunday morning in her jeans and cute sandals only to meet my boujee self in this amazing pink coat and fresh white sneakers (also from Fashion Nova and YES I know I have a PROBLEM!).

winter mood board

 I will wear this baby literally everywhere and to be honest, everyone else loves it too! I’ve received so many compliments and my response is always “omg you need to feel how soft it is.” NEXT!

winter mood board

These nails. How wintery and cute are they?! Again we see the pink so I should just admit now that it’s my favorite color and it’s always in my mood boards, sorry not sorry. I love the pink and grey combo with the almost abstract artsy snowflakes. Love. This. NEXT!

winter mood boardwinter mood board

I’m really feeling this for the holidays. It’s definitely a look for New Year’s Eve but I think you could also rock it all season long.

And what about these lip colors?! is my absolute favorite. That dark maroon, “I could kill you with one bite” type of look is SO poppin’. NEXT! 

winter mood board

make me want to curl up with my puppy and drink some hot chocolate by the fire. I need every single pair. NEXT!

winter mood board

My absolute favorite part of this is the orange slices. Orange spice is so underrated!

But how yummy would orange cider be? Just me? I don’t know about you, but this whole pic is spicy and festive. NEXT!

winter mood board

I love this and I’m putting it in my house IMMEDIATELY. NEXT!

winter mood board

All I have to say about this is look at this glass with the cute little chocolate shavings! NEXT!

winter mood board winter mood board

I need all the warm, casseroles and soup ASAP. NEXT!

winter mood board

Pecan pie was already my favorite pie and then they went and added these cranberries and I’m honestly LIVING.

If you want to see all these pics on Pinterest you can check out the board here! Enjoy this wintery season everybody!


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