Winter Weather and How You Can Look Good in It

winter fashion

Cold weather is upon us, and it’s taking no prisoners. Winter can be hard – it’s hard to wake up in the morning, hard to get out of bed, and it seems extremely hard to get out of the house, especially in below freezing temperatures. Winter fashion can be even harder.

No one really likes cold weather, and for most of us, winter can be a drag. Looking good in it? Unheard of.

Prioritizing between fashion and warmth seems like a no brainer – we dress for warmth. But is there a way to do both? Is it possible to maintain your summertime chic in a wintertime tundra? Here are a few tips to turn this cold season into a fashion wonderland, all while keeping warm.

Tip #1: Accessories are your friend.  

In all honestly, putting on a hat, scarf, or gloves (bonus points for all three) can make the difference between feeling like Jack Frost himself and being only mildly uncomfortable.

It’s easy to run out of the house thinking, “I won’t need those,” but the head and neck are especially important when it comes to dealing with cold temperatures. Wearing a hat reduces the amount of heat that escapes from your head in the cold, which in turn maintains greater warmth throughout your body. In addition to spicing up your outfit, they may just save you from frostbite and pneumonia – an overall win.

Tip #2: When you do accessorize, make it fashion forward.

winter fashion

The latest trends featured in 2018 fall and winter campaigns debuted a range of patterns and material perfect for cold weather.

Even though it never really leaves, animal print is back in full force – faux print that is. Nothing screams “watch me conquer this weather with style” louder than a long coat or heavy accent scarf marked with cheetah, leopard, or reptile print. Again, faux. In any style you choose, knowing you boldly stand out in what must be one of the most fashionable displays on the street, can almost help detract from the frozen misery around you.

Tip #3: Layers on layers on layers.

They’re trendy, fun to play around with, and challenge your creative mindset. But most importantly, layering your clothing is a great way to keep warm even in the coldest of temperatures.

Layer with oversized sweaters and hoodies. Who doesn’t love a good turtleneck? Many people, but like animal print, they never really go out of style, and if you find the right one, you’re sure to become a devote lover of these neck covers as well.

winter fashion
winter fashion

Go crazy, and pair plaid with cashmere, satin with corduroys. Match comfortable sweaters with denim jackets topped with overcoats. Add knit scares, beanies and other hats. Maybe a little less aggressively than what’s seen on the runway, but in a way that adapts to your own personal style.

Tip #4: It’s all about footwear.

A good pair of boots can save your life, or less dramatically, your leg from breaking. Seriously, slipping is a given hazard that accompanies snow, ice, and slush. Equip yourself with comfortable and sturdy snow boots that protect your feet but also don’t make you want to shield your eyes.

Brands like Columbia, SOREL, The North Face, UGG, and L.L. Bean all make reasonably priced snow boots. Though these prices may sometimes inch toward the upper range, these boots last for years and are great investments. Plus, they are sure to look good with any outfit and whatever layers you decide to throw on.

Winter season doesn’t have to mean sweatpants and bulky snow boots for three months. It can be a way to try new styles, and discover what you like. Make winter fashion fun, and express yourself. Play with fashions that make you feel good all while keeping you warm. Who likes prioritizing anyway, when you can have your cake and eat it too?

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