What’s in Your Beach Bag? Necessities.

beach bag

Helloooo June! As I’m sure you can feel, all the summer buzz is starting to begin: and that means summer shopping. I know what I think of when I hear summer – lounging on a beach in a new bathing suit, picnics in a flowing sundress, snapping pictures at fun parties, the ocean, the sun, the wind, and lots and lots of laughter. As for summer shopping, I think of getting a swimsuit, shades, towel, and sunscreen…the basics. Below are a few beach bag necessities that you may not have thought of, that will definitely make your summer adventures more fun!

The VacationersBeach books
A beach book is a quick, fun, summery book that can be read on the beach, in the car, or anywhere you have some time to read and relax. One personal recommendation is The Vacationers by Emma Straub, a book about secrets and joys revealed during one family’s two week vacation. Not a novel reader? That’s cool too. You can easily pick up a short story for all the good reads with less of the commitment!

Polaroid camera in summer pinkPolaroid
Okay this one I wouldn’t quite put as a need (they’re pricey) but this adorable pastel camera prints the photos you take instantly – perfect for parties and memories you want to have in your hands. You can get the camera and film here.

Summer playlist
Multiple actually! Having the right summer playlist to blast at parties, listen to on the beach, when chilling in a hammock or running can pump you up, calm you down or keep you motivated. Spend an hour building playlists that won’t grow old, or find one on Spotify.

Mega Lash Waterproof MascaraWaterproof mascara
Having waterproof mascara that truly doesn’t run makes the transition from land to ocean or running to cute day out that much easier. I like to use Forever21’s Mega Lash Mascara, which not only doesn’t run but adds volume to your lashes too.


Water bottle
pink bkr water bottle for your beach bag
With the bright summer sun it is easy to get dehydrated, so carrying around a water bottle definitely helps. These are a few of my favorites. This pink water bottle from brk is for the trend-setter girl, it’s the bottle of choice among many celebrities too. 18 oz HydroflaskWhile it’s a bit spendy ($42), you will look oh-so stylish walking around with it. One disclaimer, it is 100% too heavy and fragile for hiking or exercising. This is the ultimate lounging at the beach kind of bottle.

18oz CamelbakIf you’re looking for a more rugged model, this 18oz Hydroflask ($26) is built to last no matter what you do and can keep drinks cool for 24 hours.

For a cheaper option, this Camelbak bottle is just $14 and is sturdy, leak-proof and can survive a drop – oh, and it comes in a million colors.


Donut pool floatie for your beach bagFloatie
Floaties are perfect for lounging around at the pool or in the ocean, and are guaranteed to complete your insta-worthy pool party. Plus, who doesn’t want to float around in a donut all day? I’m obsessed with this one from ModCloth. Dream come true.

picnic basket for your beach picnicA picnic basket

Okay, this might be a little hard to fit in your beach bag, but once you picnic with a basket you’ll never go back. And, having a picnic basket is the perfect excuse to have a meal on the beach or at the lake with friends, even a romantic date night with your significant other. I love this one for its cute vintage feel and that its size, you could definitely fit more than a full meal in it. Also, compared to other baskets out there, this one’s budget friendly!