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Some Sweet, Some Sass and a Reminder To VOTE!

There is goodness all around, rememberer YOU can create CHANGE

Has this week been hard for you? I know it’s been rough for me (blame it on the moon!). Well, what better way to close the week than with some positive news? Lets get it!

First, the most amazing, cutest Kindergarten class learned sign language so they could sign Happy Birthday to their school’s custodian who’s deaf! The custodian’s name is Mr. James and he was so touched by the gesture, he was visibly emotional.

Check out the video here! Get ready to feel all the feels and maybe grab, like, some tissues too.

Next is something I thought was so hilarious I had to share it with you all. Every week, Huffington Post puts together “The 20 Funniest Tweets From Women This Week” and I couldn’t think of a better segment to make you all aware of. But wait, what’s that you say? Women can be funny?! STOP THE PRESSES!!! Damn right so get to reading honey!

Plus, if you need another amazing Twitter segment, check out our Twitter – @metizamag for our daily #BadassWomanOfTheDay tweet. You won’t be disappointed.

What better way to cap off this week’s positive news than with another hilarious story?

Our last news for the day is Utah’s Senator, Jim Dabakis, tried a marijuana edible to prove that Mary Jane isn’t a big deal and she should be legalized ASAP. Time Magazine reports that Dabakis said “I felt a little high, a little okay, but it didn’t change my life. Everybody, mellow out. Recognize that this is nothing to be afraid of. The people that are terrified by it seem to be the people who never tried it.”

Definitely check out the video, he’s a dorky dude but seems super cool also.

Speaking of a Senator! Remember to vote on November 6! Do your research and vote! We love you! Keep it positive and we’ll have more positive news for you next week.


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