The Ultimate Guide to Post Holiday Shopping

post holiday shopping

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…but maybe not for my wallet. However, I often conveniently receive gift cards and money from relatives and friends as holiday gifts, and with time before school starts, I like to go shopping and spend the gifts I got! I truly consider myself a professional shopper, so I’m here to offer you some tips about how to do your best and most efficient post holiday shopping during break.

Plan Smartly

Even though going out on weeknights can be a drag, keep in mind malls and shopping centers are likely to be significantly less crowded on a Tuesday afternoon rather than almost any time on a Saturday or Sunday. Try to plan one of your weekday afternoons around shopping, you’re likely to encounter less traffic, emptier parking lots, and more vacant stores and malls overall. Indulging in a post-holiday shopping session will be more enjoyable when the stores are less crowded. It will save you a ton of time, and also save you the annoyance of dealing with hot, packed, and cramped stores.

Focus: Post Holiday Shopping Game Face

What’s something you’ve wanted or needed for a while, just haven’t had the time or money to get?

As easy as it is to get carried away with new cash and gift cards, especially at department stores or magical places like Target, slow down, and think about what you need. New makeup, a new pair of shoes, even some new notebooks or pens for school? What’s something you’ve wanted or needed for a while, just haven’t had the time or money to get? In the coming weeks and months, will you need to buy birthday presents or Valentine’s presents for anyone?

Think about and calmly organize your shopping priorities. You’ll be able to get a great haul, but also not  blow through money all at once. Which brings me to the next important point about holiday gift money–while it’s not the most fun, saving money is a good thing, and will likely feel good down the road. Try to save some of the money or gift cards you may have received; they’ll come in handy at a later time.

Shop Deals and Steals

Before you hit the mall, do a little online research and see where and when you can get deals. Most large stores, ranging from individual makeup and clothing stores to full department stores, have coupons available online at all times that anyone can print off and use. They’re usually not huge, ranging from between 10 and 20 percent, but anything counts, and it’s important to take advantage of what you can.

Check newspapers and websites to see when stores are having certain post-holiday shopping sales and deals, and maybe plan around those days. Several stores try to clear out their stuff, especially winter-related items, immediately after Christmas. Going post holiday shopping the few days between Christmas and New Year is definitely time for you to get the best deals possible. Remember to bring your student ID along too, as several stores give student discounts!

post holiday shopping
Get Cyber: Bless Amazon Prime

If you don’t have the time or means to physically go in person post holiday shopping, online is an equally valid and wonderful way to rack up great stuff after the holidays! For instance, Amazon, where you can buy literally anything, does excellent post-holiday sales; they create daily discounts, clearance prices, and markdowns on miscellaneous items between Christmas and New Year. Online sites are going to be similar, if not better, than their corresponding stores, so definitely browse your favorite shelves online to see if you can score some deals.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year, Metiza girls, I hope you enjoy your post-holiday shopping as well as your winter break!