The Uncomfortability of Others Shouldn’t Be A Political Ploy

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We’re in the beginning stages of what will be the 2020 election. Many democrats have placed a bid in hopes of receiving the party’s nomination. Even candidates who haven’t confirmed their run are receiving massive amounts of attention. That’s the case with Joe Biden. News outlets have jumped on him even more now that women are coming forward with accusations of inappropriate behavior. If one thing is clear this election season it’s that the uncomfortability of others is still a political ploy being relied on.

Amy Lappos and Lucy Flores both came forward, outlining details of how Biden invaded their personal space causing them to feel uncomfortable with the situation. Critics say this is enough to disqualify Biden from running should he actually choose to.

Yet our current President was nominated, and elected after making derogatory remarks against women, people with disabilities, people of color, immigrants, and the list goes on. Clearly our moral code is nowhere to be found.

Our government isn’t concerned with who is offended or taken advantage of. So long as they can use that hardship as a campaign platform, they will exploit it until it no longer benefits them. It’s time for that to stop.

Another person or group of people’s uncomfortability at the hands of someone else should not be a campaign focal point. As decent human beings we should be outraged at families being separated at the border. We should be upset that women of all races are being sexually assaulted and then blamed for that attack.

We should be upset that any human is treated less than what they are- a human being deserving of basic respect.

We all have work to do to correct this. Some more than others. Many of us, namely the white community, are complicit in allowing this behavior to continue. But that needs to stop here. Many other groups of society have faced this situation far longer than others. It’s important their struggles are not forgotten as we each fight for our own.

When a politician uses the hardship of others as a campaign platform, it allows those who support them to feel better about themselves. To tell others “Well, I voted for so-and-so who is going to work to correct that issue. So I’m not a part of the problem, I’m part of the solution”.

Actually no. It’s a massive security blanket to hide under.

The world of politics is more about personal gain and wealth than it is about helping people. However, we are finally seeing more mainstream focus on equality, basic human rights, and equal representation.The progress may be slow but it is there and we can help move it along.

It’s time for everyone to be vocal about the positive change they want to see in the world. It’s especially important for groups who have traditionally stayed quiet to speak up and spread the message further. It’s time for us all to show the government that we have the power and can vote anyone out and in of office as we see fit.

It’s time that we hold politicians accountable for their wrong doings and to their campaign promises. They work for us, remember that.


Cover image via Vox