What to Do After You Graduate from College

what to do after you graduate

Well, college class of 2019, we finally did it! Four (more or less) years of college are finally gone. From staying up late at night to finish an essay, to meeting new friends, and to trying out new activities, it has been a wild ride for all of us. After walking across the stage to receive our degrees, we have seal the deal. Now the question is “what’s next?” For some people, they already have a job lined up for after graduation or going to grad school of their dreams. As for the rest of us, many are still trying to figure out what’s next for them. If you just graduated this year and have no idea what to do next, then follow this list of what to do after you graduate.

Apply for grad school
If you are still interested in going to grad school, then there is still time. There are many grad schools you can look into and you can figure out which programs you want to go into. Figure out what works best for you. Look up the grad school websites and figure what you need for the application process and do not forget to take the GRE if you have not done so already. Also, if you are not ready to immediately to go into grad school and wanted to take some time off, then that is fine.

Work part-time
While you are currently job searching for a full-time job, you can still work part-time in retail or at your old job. There is no harm while doing this. It is a way to still make income and stay occupy while you are still looking, which leads to the next number on this list.

The easiest way to get a job is to network. Reach out to your family members, friends, professors, old bosses, or supervisors from your internships. I also recommend creating a LinkedIn and adding connections that you know and reach out to them. In order to expand more of you network, you can attend public events or conferences that are going on in your community. By doing that, you would potentially meet your future employer. There are people out there who are willing to help you get a job so do not be afraid to reach out.

Do a post-grad internship
It is never too late to do another internship to gain experience. Internships are not only for college students. Some internships can lead to full-time jobs in the long run. Although be aware that some post-grad internships are unpaid. If you are willing to do an unpaid internship, then go for it.

Do a gap year program
There are many gap year programs that you can partake after graduation. Whether that be AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, or aboard overseas programs, you have the opportunity to give back to your community while also gaining experience. You can check for a list of gap programs here.

Go on a trip
You can go on a trip to another city or another country after graduation. You deserve to have fun and explore the world as you wish. Plus, it is a way to celebrate a huge milestone in your life. Many of my former classmates have either gone to France, China, Costa Rica, and more after graduation. I am traveling to Japan in the next month for a week to explore and shop in the city of Tokyo.

This is another way to gain experience and give back to your community. You can volunteer at a nearby hospital or at a ReStore while you are still job searching and networking. It is not a waste of time and who knows, you might meet your future employer while volunteering at your site.

Try out new hobbies
Since you’re done with college, you can try out new hobbies that you have not tried out before. You can take Zumba classes, try sailing for the first time, learn how to knit, create videos and posting them on YouTube, or tryout a new recipe. You can do whatever your heart sets onto. As for me, I am hoping to become more active on my YouTube channel and post more content that would attract viewers.

Whatever you choose to do after graduation, just make sure you live your life to the fullest and follow your dreams of becoming anything you desire. Class of 2019, we closed one chapter of our lives and another one opens. You all have the power to choose which paths to take and figure out about yourselves more. Even if you do not figure out a game plan right away, that’s fine. Everything will fall into place and in the mean-time, celebrate the fact you graduated.

Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash