Why Millennials and GenZ Must Start Voting Now


Many young voters have neglected voting but their vote is very important on both sides of competition. We account for nearly half of the voting force, and therefore, if all of us voted, we would see the change we wanted in our society.

My First Time Voting 

The first time I voted was the 2016 Presidential Election, and I felt very powerful when I cast my ballot for Hilary Clinton. When I first entered my voting location, I everyone seemed to stare. I think this was because I was basically the only young person there?

I felt as though I was making a difference with my vote. I was telling everyone in the room that yes, I am young, and yes I am voting to make a change in how our world is run.

I realized that we didn’t see the change we wanted in the past, and for me it was because we were letting an older generation take the place for us. If we take charge and not let the lazy stereotype overtake us, imagine where we would be. Because we make up so much of the population, we need to start being informed on how our country is run. Not only that, but actually participating in being a member of society.

Voting booths at Hermosa Beach City Hall during California Primary

Why Its Important To Vote 

We are always reminded near the voting day to go cast our ballot, but many of us just don’t do it. There are reasons for that, such as thinking our vote doesn’t matter, or you didn’t take the responsibility to register, to even being too lazy. But I’m telling you to look beyond those reasons.

As someone who recently started to paying attention to the news and following along to Trump’s presidency, I know millennial/GenZ voting will make a difference and I am urging everyone to take initiative. It is worth the effort because we live in a democracy and we have a voice in government, but then there are other parts of the world where people are fighting just to get their voice heard.

You might think issues like healthcare, funding, and the impact of wars don’t really affect you but they do. However, you have the power to bring issues you care about into consideration. Issues like reproductive rights, LGBTQ communities, and affordable education can slowly but surely take effect the way you want them to be. But thats only if you vote.

Democracy only works if you work it. You might think your one vote doesn’t stand a chance, but there hundreds of other people who agree on the same issues you do. And with more people voting, it will make a difference. So, I encourage all millennials/GenZ to come vote on November 6th. Bring your friends and their friends so that together, we can change the world.

I think this could make a difference so we can finally start living in a world that we want to live in and follow our own rules that we agree with.