Women at Work: When to Apply


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Trying to figure out the best time to apply for a job while still a student can be confusing. You might be thinking: well, I want a summer internship, so spring is probably the best time to apply. Maybe you’re in your senior year and are wondering: I really want a job secured for after I graduate, but is October too early to start applying? After having similar questions, I reached out to my business mentor who shared a little insight on when the best time to apply really is.

My business mentor told me that the first step in applying is actually targeting.

This means creating a spreadsheet with the names of companies you’d like to work for. This way, you can gather your research, begin networking with folks who already work there, and subscribe to job postings so you stay in the loop. By targeting your companies, you have begun creating a plan for yourself and won’t get overwhelmed and panicked during “crunch” time (ie April when you finish classes or graduate in a month).

After you have your list of top companies, start looking at their job postings.

As a rule of thumb, start looking for jobs and applying for them earlier rather than later.

Many companies begin the intern hiring process months before the actual internship starts in order to lock in top talent. Many companies will do this with recent graduates as well, especially with elite rotational programs.

If you’re beginning your job search later in the year, don’t worry! There are plenty of employers who begin the hiring process closer to the start date of the job. Make sure to check out all the usual websites and career fairs to find the best option for you.

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Do you have a company you’re dying to work for but they haven’t posted a position you’re interested in?

While bold, you can send in a resume and cover letter indicating your interest. Someone from the department may reach out to you and help you find a position that best fits you, or they’ll ask you to follow up at a later date. Make sure to follow up.

Don’t have your heart broken because you missed the deadline to apply. Start targeting your dream companies early and check regularly for your dream position. If you find it, make sure to apply for it and clearly state your situation so the hiring manager knows the earliest date you can start. Additionally, there are other tips on the best time and date to apply.

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