Your 2020 Election Guide to Important Issues

2020 election guide

The 2020 election is starting up in full force. Multiple candidates are on the campaign trail in hopes of receiving the party nomination and crafting their platforms along the way to attract prospective voters. With more youth coming out to vote and the abundance of issues being discussed, it can be a little discouraging to dig into these issues. That’s where, hopefully, thisĀ  election guide comes in.

My goal is that this election guide can aide you, regardless of political party identification, as you decide which candidate deserves your vote. These are issues that matter on both a local and national level.

Following the extreme restrictions bordering full on bans, many candidates have vowed to make female reproductive rights their main concern. From Cory Booker vowing to take executive action to protect abortion rights to even President Trump stating he favored exceptions. Be prepared for many more candidates to speak out in length on their viewpoints and plans for this topic. Especially with the uproar that’s been seen across the nation since certain states announced their new laws.

Climate Change
More and more people my age and younger care wholeheartedly in this topic. House Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made this a priority of hers by creating the Green New Deal and at least one presidential candidate has sponsored it. With companies slowly trying to do their best to help the climate by phasing out plastic straws and create eco-friendly packaging, this is going to be a hot focus for many constituents.

Criminal Justice Reform
After Meek Mill’s powerful video urging for criminal justice reform, the topic is finally being talked about in mainstream media. Many democratic candidates have spoken about the issue, especially former prosecutor Kamala Harris. President Trump has also shown some interest after meeting with Kim Kardashian and granting Alice Marie Johnson clemency. The First Step Act was also signed into law by Trump. This bipartisan bill aims to help lower recidivism, grant shorter sentences to inmates on good behavior. This is especially aimed at non-violent drug offenders. This is a great start in the right direction but there is still so much more work to do.

Economic Inequality
There’s a lot going into this topic. It encompasses topics such as minimum wage, tax cut for the rich in expectation it will trickle down, not enough funding for education and infrastructure, and a shift in focus to protecting businesses. More attention needs to be placed on racial wealth gaps and available housing.

This is a bit broad but with the current state of affairs, it is going to play a major role in the election. We all need to be mindful of how a candidates platform will impact ALL people in the United States. Equal rights for LGBTQ+ community, minorities, people of color, religious minorities and anyone in between. When we cast our vote, we aren’t just impacting ourselves we impact everyone. It’s especially important that the white community be more observant and aware to these issues and how their vote impacts others. It comes down to one thing: which candidate is going to treat the people of this country as humans as opposed to obsessing over characteristic labels they identify with.

This by no means are all the issues that each candidate should be addressing. It’s just a small glimpse into larger social issues that have been taking over social media. Book mark this election guide to refer back to it as you navigate the election route. The bottomline is we all need to do our research and pay more attention. We aren’t voting just for ourselves.

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