Your Vote Matters

your vote

The American political system is bizarre at best. Since we don’t go by popular vote, to much dismay, many people feel like their voices are not being heard even though they voted. So they decide not to vote anymore and some even choose never to vote for similar reasons. But your vote matters so much.

The only good thing to come out of the Trump administration is the political awareness that seems to have infiltrated our society. Especially our younger generations. People left and right are protesting for equal rights and representations. That is just the start.

Protesting is great. It gives attention to causes that have long overlooked. But protesting only does so much. When the time comes and the polls open, that’s where the rest of the change happens.

If our current politicians, at all levels, are not representing the ideas and desires of the community, then they should be voted out. But that only happens if communities feel that their vote counts.

Not voting could correlate with large portions of our society feeling unheard. As if they don’t matter.

As a white woman I can’t even begin to relate to this level of oppression. All I can say is I see you and I will fight for you.

It’s easy to say you should vote because it’s a right that has been fought for over generations. But obviously that reason isn’t enough or else there wouldn’t be article on top of article urging people to vote.

You should vote because your voice matters. Even if your candidate or proposition doesn’t win or get passed, your vote shows that you were supportive. Who knows, maybe it will encourage that candidate or the group backing the proposition to try again during the next election. Your vote matters because it’s an extension of your voice you can take to your state politicians.

You should vote because real change starts with each and every one of us upset about how events are currently playing out.

A study done by the Pew Research Center shows that the enthusiasm among registered voters is at an all time high compared to any previous midterm that has took place over the last two decades. That gives me hope that the enthusiasm people will cast their vote.

The tension among political parties seems to be at an all time high with many looking to the midterms as a clean slate to change the balance. I’m not here to tell you how to vote or what issues to care about more than others. I just want you to go out and vote because you and your vote matter and deserve to be counted.

There is a lot at stake during this midterm election. Especially for minority groups and people of color. Yet again, they are surrounded by a society and under administration that doesn’t see their worth. While I’m not here to persuade you who to vote for, I want you to keep these groups in mind. They deserve allies and equal representation in government.

It’s time to walk the talk. Millions of people have been protesting in the streets for change and now we can really do something about it. Don’t miss your chance.

Image courtesy of The Intercept

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