You Can Be a Minimalist in College: Zero Waste College Dorm Tips

Declutter your dorm room.

College is all about new experiences and starting fresh. Whether you’ve moved out of state or just out of your childhood bedroom, you can make your dorm room or new living space however you want (with your roommate’s collaboration, of course).  With this in mind, why not start living your life with less waste? Manuela of The Girl Gone Green has some helpful tips so you can have a zero waste college dorm.

Don’t give in to the massive list of things you “need” for school. Think about what you use every day and make your list that way. If you don’t have something, it’s easy to find someone in your hall or apartment that will have whatever you’re looking for! Asking dorm mates to borrow stuff is how you make friends, too! It’s a win-win, really.

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Zero Waste College Dorm Tips – The Girl Gone Green

To learn more about Manuela’s passion for sustainability, check out her YouTube channel, The Girl Gone Green!


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