10 Easy Heatless Hairstyles When You’re Sick of Blow Dryers and Flat Irons

Braids are a girl's best friend.

Let’s get real. Blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons may give you a beautiful-looking mane, but applying all that heat to your hair can be damaging in the long run. Let your hair dry au naturale and see how it goes! Braiding wet hair before bed was always a go-to back in the day. It never failed! If you’re unsure what you can do without a curling iron, Margot Lee has 10 easy heatless hairstyles for you to try out. All you need are hair ties, bobby pins, and the bandana of your choice!

If you’re looking for some more hair inspo, check out this Nicole Renard’s french braid messy bun combo!

10 Easy Heatless Hairstyles for Medium to Long Hair

Margot also has some hints to help you become a smart spender and more on her YouTube channel, here!