Backpacking Basics: Planning Your First Trip!

Who knew backpacks would become MORE important post-college?

You would think that after graduating college one would never have to put on a backpack again, right? Wrong. In just the past five years (with the release of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, and the subsequent Reese Witherspoon-starring film), backpacking has taken off. Everyone wants to hit the trail! With the surge of people heading into the great outdoors, many forget that backpacking isn’t just getting blisters and eating trail mix – you can backpack anywhere – and BlackGirlBlueBackpack has all the backpacking basics to help you plan out your first trip!

First off, it’s all about location! So you kind of need to know where you’re going before you start any preliminary planning…Pull out a map, close your eyes, and point! Or, if you’re going with a friend or a group, pick somewhere none of you have ever been! If you need some inspo, check out some travel Instagram accounts that will get you envious (and ready for adventure!)

Next: Time and budget! Knowing how long you’re going and how much $$$ you have to spend are key in planning out your trip. Pro tip: Try to go under budget and give yourself a few extra days if you can, just in case you want to explore a bit more!

For more helpful backpacking tips, check out BlackGirlBlueBackpack on her YouTube channel!


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