We Should Have Known Who Brit Marling Was Years Ago

We're really thankful she gave up a job at Goldman Sachs.

You’ll thank us for this one. Brit Marling has been writing, directing, and acting in  films and television for over a decade, but still remains unknown to many. Even though she’s been in major films likeThe East (2013) with Ellen Page and The Keeping Room (2014) with Hailee Steinfeld, her new show on Netflix, The OA,  has brought her creativity and talent into a new light.

Marling feels it’s an exciting time for women in film, especially with women like Lena Dunham and Kristen Wiig putting themselves out there. She both writes and chooses roles that young women around the world can feel proud looking up to, and we’re definitely behind that!

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Brit Marling – Exciting Time For Women In Film (TIFF 2014)

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