Composting in Your Dorm or Apartment is Possible!

You'll never throw a banana peel in the garbage again.

Earth Day is next month, April 22nd to be exact, so let’s talk composting! If you think it’s not an option in your apartment or dorm, think again. Victoria of FemmeHead has some advice for how she had made composting a part of her life – even in an apartment in the city. It’s all about figuring out what works for your  living situation. Start small and see how it goes!

Whether you’re petitioning to start a compost heap at your school or can only do half of the food you eat given your small apartment, all that matters is that you’re trying. If you’re not sure exactly where to start, we recommend this bin to place on your counter.

And if you’re really committing to the eco-friendly lifestyle, Alli Cherry has more zero waste tips for you!

How I “Compost” in My Apartment – Composting Advice

Victoria has more tips on minimalism, veganism, travel, and menstrual magic on her YouTube channel, FemmeHead!