Halloween Makeup Series: Woodland Deer

Flower crown optional.

Our animal costume makeup series continues with this incredible woodland deer Halloween makeup. This tutorial is all about the contouring. The key is to shade darkest where you already have natural shadows around your face and under your check bones. The more prominent you make your nose and eyes, the better. Now all you need is Thumper and Flower!

Woodland Deer Halloween Makeup

What you’ll need:
Light cream foundation
Brown eye shadow palette
Dark brown brow pencil
Black and white liquid eye liner
Fake eyelashes
Optional accessory flower crown

Deer Halloween makeup, step 1
1. Apply a cream foundation to your entire face. Contour your forehead and cheek bones with a dark brown powder (blush or eye shadow can work here).
Deer Halloween makeup, step 2
2. Highlight your eye lids, under eyes, bridge of your nose and chin with white a highlighter or eye shadow. Create a smokey eye with brown tone eye shadows.  Contour the sides of your nose to make it really stand out from your face.
Deer Halloween makeup, step 3
3. Use a brown pencil to fill in your brows. Bring the line down into your nose contouring to make your brow bone look like an extension of your nose.
Deer Halloween makeup, step 4
4. With a black eye liner pencil or brush, draw a dramatic winged line half way to your eyebrow. Extend the inside point down to the edge of your nose.
Deer Halloween makeup, step 5
5. Draw a second line below your bottom eye lashes on your under lid. This line should connect to the top eye liner at a point near your nose.
Deer Halloween makeup, step 6
6. With the same black liner, outline the bottom of your nose/nostrils and your upper lip. Paint the bottom lip with a lighter shimmer of your choice. Add fake eyelashes and dot your forehead, cheeks, and chin with white liner to  finish the look.

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