3 Super Green Smoothies To Start Off Your Summer Health Kick

Like your smoothies a little sweeter? Medjool dates are your BFF.

Here at Metiza, drinking a smoothie is one of our favorite ways to recharge after a workout. There are so many recipes out there to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to throw into your blender. Even though orange juice is our go-to base in our smoothies (Orange Julius dreamsicle anyone?), we know how important it is to get those greens in your diet every day. If you’re not into eating a kale salad every day (we feel ya), Nikole of HealthNut Nutrition has 3 healthy recipes  so you can end your sweat sesh with some green smoothies at home!

Need some inspo to help you add more greens to your diet? Check out these tips from Metiza girl Nicole Small! 

3 Healthy Green Smoothies | HealthNut Nutrition

For more recipes from this passionate health nut, check out Nikole on YouTube at HealthNut Nutrition!