Gluten Free Melted Snowman Bark is Our New Favorite Holiday Candy

Turns out Frosty makes a great dessert.

Is there anything better than going into Trader Joe’s and realizing that it is finally HOLIDAY BARK SEASON?!  There’s the classic peppermint, but they’ve also got a cowboy bark and a pumpkin spice bark and all kinds of other combos. So we tokk a page out of their book and made our own recipe. Best part, it’s gluten free. Oh and it looks like Frosty. Watch here how to make our melted snowman bark!

Gluten Free Melted Snowman Bark

Melted snowman bark

Mixing bowl

White Chocolate Bark or baking chocolate
Reese’s minis
Gluten free pretzel sticks
Red pearl sprinkles or Red Hots
Orange Jimmies (or just pick them out of the rainbow sprinkles)
White and Black drawing gel

Melted snowman bark supplies

1. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.
2. Melt white chocolate in a microwave safe bowl until smooth.
3. Pour melted chocolate over the wax paper and spread it out until even and the thickness you want.
4. Begin by placing the pretzel sticks as arms and then a Reese’s mini for the hat, 3 red hots for the buttons, orange sprinkle for the nose and create eyes with the drawing gel. This process is pretty quick because the chocolate starts to harden!
5.     Once your chocolate is covered with snowmen, place in the fridge for about 10 minutes so the chocolate can completely set.
6.     Take the chocolate off the wax paper and transfer to a cutting board. Use you knife as a guide to break the bark off in pieces of the snowman.





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