We Tried the Sweet Potato Toast Trend and It’s So Easy to Make!

All you need is a toaster!

We all know how trendy toast is right now. Also, sweet potato in basically every form from fries to fajitas. So it only makes sense to combine them, right? Holla at us all you gluten free girls – you can participate in the toast trend too! And it’s as easy as sticking slices of sweet potato in your toaster, no joke. Give it a few rounds of toasting and it’s as soft and warm as if you’d baked it. Now all you have to decide is what to top it with!

Sweet Potato Toast

1 Sweet potato or Yam

Toppings Of Your Choice
Ricotta cheese
Almond butter
Banana slices
Chia Seeds

1.     Cut yam or sweet potato into slices about ¼ inch thick to fit in the toaster.
2.     Toast until soft, it took me 3 times.
3.     Once sweet potato toast is desired softness, top with you favorite toppings!
4.     I topped one with almond butter, sliced bananas, cinnamon and chia seeds.
5.     Another one with smashed avocado, salt, lemon pepper and red pepper flakes.
6.     And another one with ricotta cheese, sliced pears and honey.


Nicole Renard is a Senior at Chapman University studying Television and...