Nothing Says Halloween like Zombie Brain Cupcakes

The Walking Dead can't touch these brains.

It’s official, we are turning up the Halloween cuteness factor with this Zombie Brain Cupcakes tutorial. You don’t have to be a baking wizard to impress your friends either. Just whip up your favorite cupcake recipe (aka a box mix) and frost away.

Oh hey apocalypses of the undead, you just got frosted. Gather your besties, settle in for a solid iZombie binge and dive into this bit of goodness.

Zombie Brain Cupcake Directions

What You Need
A small jar
Ziploc bag
Frosting tip
Pink frosting

1. Frost each cupcake with a layer of frosting.
2. Cut a small triangle out of the corner of the Ziploc bag.
3. Place the frosting tip in the cut corner of the bag (this step can be skipped if you don’t have a frosting tip).
4. Place the bag inside the jar with the opening wrapped our the outside, like you’re lining a garbage can.
5. Fill the bag with several tablespoons of frosting.
6. Pipe the middle of each cupcake with two parallel lines that flick out to the left and right at the end/
7. Add two squiggly lines of frosting on either side of the above straight lines.
8. Enjoy!


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