What the Heck are Zoodles?! Your New Favorite Pasta Dish

The spiralizer is our new favorite kitchen accessory.

Say it with me friends, zoodles! Zucchini + noodle = the zoodle. A tasty, healthier alternative to pasta! Dani Spies will educate you on all things zoodles in this quick video and it may become your new pasta go-to! Yes, we all love the taste of our favorite carbo-loaded pasta dishes, but it’s always nice to have a cleaner less heavy option to play around with. Hence, the zoodle. These are the most popular of the veggie noodles, but you can also make pasta from sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, and cucumbers! Mind blown. We like ours with a creamy avocado pesto. All you need to get started is a spiralizer (just $15  on Amazon!) and the veggie of your choice!

If we’ve inspired you to check out some healthier alternatives, peep this raw vegan (not gross!) burrito recipe from Laura Miller!

Zoodles 101 – Zucchini Noodles

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